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7th open tournament of Evoiki ES

Last update 07.06.2012 14:24:24, Creator/Last Upload: greek chess federation

Starting rank

1Giannoutsos Panagiotis14244213718GRE17971545Evoiki ES
2Marinelos Theodoros216984269268GRE17381590Evoiki ES
3Kouroumbas Kosmas347274263022GRE17311620Skakistiki Akadimia Halkidas"Palami
4Seferlis Georgios21034228839GRE16071385Evoiki ES
5Tzerbinos Konstantinos381744277279GRE14851310Evoiki ES
6Liakopoulos Kyriakos330994231805GRE14671300Evoiki ES
7Kalaitzis Evangelos359564261224GRE14531225Evoiki ES
8Pavlou Ioakeim291504256298GRE01145Evoiki ES
9Kontoxristos Timotheos382534277805GRE01060Evoiki ES
10Kalergios Efstratios396704288432GRE01005AEK "Avaj & Pessoi"
11Stamelos Athanasios390654283180GRE01005Evoiki ES
12Stamelos Ioannis - Nikolaos374924277481GRE01000Evoiki ES