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Shropshire Congress 2023: Open

Last update 10.01.2023 02:22:22, Creator/Last Upload: ChristopherLewis

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Starting rank

1IMCox JohnENG2330Cavendish
2FMBlackburn JonathanENG2273Alsager
3Burrows MartinENG2177Wigston
4Ferrington NigelENG2171Telepost
5Burnett JimENG2158Ecclesall/Mansfield
6James RussellENG2157Warwickshire Select
7Baer BruceENG2146Mutual Circle
8Paul NathanaelENG2124Shrewsbury
9Surtees MichaelENG2121Great Lever
10Underwood JonathanENG2105Seaton
11Morris CharlesENG2090Wrexham
12Ansari AtharENG2085Maddocks
13Ackley PeterENG2076Chesterfield
14Fleming NigelENG2045Kings Head
15van Kemenade RudyENG2034Oswestry
16Clark RobertENG2020Wrexham
17Bolt GrahamENG2012Exeter
18de Coverly RogerENG2006Bourne End
19Slinger TonyENG1955Ye Olde Starre Inne
20Stern RobertENG1955Albany
21Harrison RonaldENG1821Wallasey
22Maydew SimonENG1772Maddocks
23Roberts DanielENG0Pensby