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Historical Melaka Challenger Chess Championship 2012

Last update 30.04.2012 08:43:46, Creator: najib abdul wahab,Last Upload: nwmchess

Player info

NameNik Mohd Noor Nik Muhd Muaz
Starting rank37
Rating national0
Rating international0
Performance rating1071


188Lum Zhun Hoong1530MAS6,0s 0
21816Abdullah Liyana0MAS4,0w 0
32520Azaman Aisyah Nur Nazihah0MAS3,5s 0
42730Jamil Amizan Yahya0MAS5,0w 0
52818Ahmad Fadzil Nashita Aliah Fariha0MAS2,5s ½
62823Bahter Nasir Muhd Ihsan Thaqif0MAS2,5s 1
72449Syed Adnan Sh Nadzirah0MAS2,5w 1
82258Zaini Diana Natasha0MAS4,0w 0
92350Syed Adnan Sharifah Nur Izzati0MAS4,0s 0