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European Individual Chess Championship 2023

Last update 13.03.2023 20:49:45, Creator/Last Upload: SRB Chess Federation

Player overview for BEL

41GMDardha Daniel2610BEL11½1½½½1½118,5327161015,00

Results of the last round for BEL

Rd.Bo.No. NameTypRtgPts. ResultPts. NameTypRtg No.
GMKorobov Anton2658 0 - 1 GMDardha DanielU182610

Player details for BEL

GM Dardha Daniel 2610 BEL Rp:2716 Pts. 8,5
1283FMVagman Roy2298ISR5,5s 1101,40
2180IMFataliyeva Ulviyya2427AZE5,5w 1102,60
3126IMGokerkan Cem Kaan2486TUR6,5s ½10-1,70
4122GMKovacevic Aleksandar2489SRB6w 1103,40
5118IMKukhmazov Arsen2495FID7s ½10-1,60
6128GMSadikhov Ulvi2485AZE6w ½10-1,70
796GMPetkov Momchil2526BUL6s ½10-1,20
898GMYilmazyerli Mert2525TUR7,5w 1103,80
96GMPredke Alexandr2684SRB7,5s ½101,00
10130IMParkhov Yair2485ISR7w 1103,30
1118GMKorobov Anton2658UKR7,5s 1105,70