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ELO-Challenge 2012

Last update 20.05.2012 16:36:14, Creator/Last Upload: stockholms schackförbund

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMÅkesson Ralf2470SWE 38b1 17w1 7b0 21w1 14b1 11w1 2w½ 4b1 3w17,547,551,541,75
2IMBlomqvist Erik2518SWE 44w1 20b1 13w½ 18b1 9w1 7w1 1b½ 3b½ 10w17,546,550,040,25
3Cederstam-Barsk Carl2219SWE 31b1 4w0 28b1 16w1 13b1 17w1 7b1 2w½ 1b06,548,052,534,75
4GMBellon Juan2435ESP 33w1 3b1 5w0 24b1 15w1 12b½ 9w1 1w0 7w16,548,052,035,25
5Evertsson Lennart2284SWE 16b1 36w1 4b1 7w0 11b0 23w1 18b½ 17w1 12w16,544,048,034,00
6FMLundin Jan2336SWE 32w1 15b½ 23w1 17b0 21w1 16b½ 19w1 9b16,541,545,533,25
7Nygren Kim2324SWE 49w1 24b1 1w1 5b1 10w1 2b0 3w0 11w1 4b06,050,554,033,50
8Kassani Sam2090SWE 48w1 10b0 56w1 20b½ 19w½ 33b1 21w1 11b½6,038,040,525,75
9FMLögdahl Harald2290SWE 34w1 30b1 12w1 2b0 14w1 4b0 16w1 6w05,547,551,527,75
10GMErnst Thomas2533SWE 28b1 19w½ 8w1 13b1 7b0 18w½ 17b½ 22w1 2b05,545,049,528,50
11Landgren Philip2340SWE 45w1 33b1 5w1 1b0 12w1 7b0 8w½5,544,548,028,00
12FMWesterberg Jonathan2365SWE 41b1 21w1 9b0 22w1 19b1 4w½ 11b0 18w1 5b05,544,048,027,25
13FMHenriksson Johan2313SWE 53b1 25w1 2b½ 10w0 3w0 28b1 23w1 15b½5,544,047,026,75
14Lokander Martin2335SWE 47b1 23w1 18b½ 19w½ 1w0 9b0 36w1 20b½ 27w15,542,046,025,50
15Carlsten Peter2118SWE 52b1 6w½ 22b½ 25w1 4b0 16w0 47b1 33w1 13w½5,542,045,024,50
16Bit-Narva David2001SWE 5w0 37b1 55w1 3b0 44w1 15b1 6w½ 9b0 35w15,542,044,522,75
17Norlin Egor2143SWE 55w1 1b0 49w1 26b1 6w1 3b0 10w½ 5b0 18b½5,046,048,522,75
18Burmeister Rick2283GER 37w1 29b1 14w½ 2w0 36b1 10b½ 5w½ 12b0 17w½5,043,547,523,25
19Ölund Joar2244SWE 57w1 10b½ 35w1 14b½ 12w0 8b½ 20w1 6b0 24b½5,043,045,022,00
20Collett Peter2238SWE 51b1 2w0 36b½ 30b1 8w½ 25w1 19b0 14w½ 22b½5,042,545,522,75
21Lyngsjö Håkan2093SWE 54w1 12b0 34w1 1b0 35w1 6b0 29w1 8b0 41w15,041,544,018,50
22Samuelsson Sven-Gunnar2084SWE 40b1 15w½ 12b0 26w1 35b1 10b0 20w½5,040,044,023,25
23Sjödin Bengt2007SWE 39w1 14b0 46w1 6b0 30w1 5b0 45w1 13b0 34w15,040,043,519,50
24Nilsson Christer2049SWE 42b1 7w0 38b1 4w0 41b½ 33b½ 34w½ 45b1 19w½5,037,541,020,00
25Jansson Gilbert1920SWE 50w1 13b0 29w1 15b0 39w1 20b0 40w1 27b0 37w15,037,040,519,50
26Helin Mikael1900SWE 31b1 17w0 22b0 34w0 53b1 46b1 42w15,035,038,020,00
27Bostedt Lars1943SWE 40w½ 45b0 50w1 35b0 56w1 37b1 25w1 14b05,034,537,019,50
28Tuomainen Felix1859SWE 10w0 39b1 3w0 44b½ 42w1 40b½ 13w0 29b½ 46w14,537,040,517,25
29Cloodt Henrik1453SWE -1 18w0 25b0 54w½ 47b½ 49w1 21b0 28w½ 44b14,534,537,016,50
30Gustavsson Kent1889FIN 43b1 9w0 58b1 20w0 23b0 39w½ 41b0 50w1 48b14,534,034,513,00
31Smith Lennart1500SWE 3w0 32b1 26w0 34b0 55w0 58b1 57w1 39b½ 45w14,531,532,012,00
32Darnell Anton1788SWE 6b0 31w0 51b½ 52w½ 53b½ 54w1 39b½ 48w½ 47b+4,531,033,514,75
33Knöppel Björn1980SWE 4b0 51w1 41b1 11w0 34b1 24w½ 8w0 15b0 39w½4,040,543,515,50
34Dufour Jacques1753FRA 9b0 43w1 21b0 31w1 33w0 26b1 24b½ 35w½ 23b04,038,041,517,50
35Rånby Hans1972SWE 48b½ 56w1 19b0 27w1 21b0 38w1 22w0 34b½ 16b04,037,039,515,25
36Wihlborn Bengt1877SWE 58w1 5b0 20w½ 45b1 18w0 14b0 42b0 52w14,037,037,511,50
37Grüter Martin1719SWE 18b0 16w0 52b½ 51w1 48b1 27w0 38b1 41w½ 25b04,035,038,014,00
38Babecki Bogdan1825POL 1w0 57b1 24w0 42b½ 46w1 35b0 37w0 51b1 40w½4,035,037,012,50
39Drowe Nicklas1680SWE 23b0 28w0 43b1 58w1 25b0 30b½ 32w½ 31w½ 33b½4,035,035,512,50
40Bannout Edvin1361SWE 27b½ 22w0 56b0 43w1 49b1 28w½ 25b0 47w½ 38b½4,034,537,015,75
41Almer Johan1760SWE 12w0 54b1 33w0 55b1 24w½ 45b0 30w1 37b½ 21b04,034,036,514,00
42Petersson Baldur Teodor1556ISL 24w0 44b½ 47b½ 38w½ 28b0 53w½ 52b1 36w1 26b04,033,036,014,25
43Lith Jonas1372SWE 30w0 34b0 39w0 40b0 51b0 -1 58w1 57b1 56w14,025,526,08,50
44Lindberg Sture1859SWE 2b0 42w½ 48b1 28w½ 16b0 46w0 56b1 29w03,536,539,012,00
45Duenas Alexis1930SWE 56b½ 27w1 11b0 36w0 54b1 41w1 23b0 24w0 31b03,535,538,012,75
46Ekenstierna Adrian1515SWE 23b0 47w½ 38b0 51w1 44b1 26w0 28b03,535,038,012,00
47Stålkrantz Mikael1762SWE 14w0 50b½ 42w½ 46b½ 29w½ 55b1 15w0 40b½ 32w-3,534,537,012,00
48Haddad Johannes1370SWE 35w½ 8b0 44w0 57b1 37w0 56b1 32b½ 30w03,532,534,510,25
49Axelsson Thomas1753SWE 7b0 52w1 17b0 40w0 29b0 51w0 58b1 55w13,531,532,07,75
50Moisander Ivar1647SWE 25b0 47w½ 27b0 53w½ 52b½ 55w½ 30b0 57w13,530,532,510,00
51Jansson Torolf1616FIN 20w0 33b0 32w½ 37b0 43w1 46b0 49b1 38w0 53b½3,031,534,510,50
52Sjöblom Stefan1477SWE 15w0 49b0 37w½ 32b½ 50w½ 57b½ 42w0 55b1 36b03,031,033,09,25
53Bergström Göran1753SWE 13w0 55b0 57w½ 50b½ 32w½ 42b½ 26w0 54b½ 51w½3,030,032,09,50
54Olsson Gustaf1586SWE 21b0 41w0 -1 29b½ 45w0 32b0 56w0 53w½ 58b13,029,029,56,50
55Yazdankhah Sam1500SWE 17b0 53w1 16b0 41w0 31b1 47w0 50b½ 52w0 49b02,533,036,09,25
56Larsson Christer1657SWE 45w½ 35b0 40w1 8b0 27b0 48w0 54b1 44w0 43b02,533,035,58,25
57Johansson Henrik1662SWE 19b0 38w0 53b½ 48w0 58b1 52w½ 31b0 43w0 50b02,030,030,53,50
58Tabor Matwej1200SWE 36b0 -1 30w0 39b0 57w0 31w0 43b0 49w0 54w01,030,032,00,50

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable