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Last update 17.07.2007 10:38:53, Creator/Last Upload: IA Ignatius Leong

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Final Ranking after 9 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
12Le Huu ThaiLDO074170
25Vuong Trung HieuNBI073470
312Nguyen Huynh Trong HaiDTH073460
43Nguyen Duy TrungKGI06,537,560
514Che Quoc HuuHCM06,53760
66Nguyen Hung CuongHNO06,53360
727Le Trieu VyDAN06,530,560
819Vo Hoai ThuongTTH06,53060
913Le Tuan MinhHNO063260
101Tran Tuan MinhHNO0630,550
1120Tran Thanh TungBRV062760
124Truong Bao ThachHCM05,531,5512
138Lu Chan HungKGI05,531,5513
1417Le Nhat MinhCTH05,529,550
1543Le Thanh TaiHCM05,523,550
1616Le Minh HoangNBI052950
1715Nguyen An Nguyen HiepTTH052850
1823Le Ha PhanQTR0527,540
199Le Van KhanhNAN052640
2032Huynh Thanh DuyBDU0525520
2146Vu Dong ThucQDO0525521
227Pham Nguyen Hoang DuyQDO052540
2321Le Thanh LiemDTH0523,540
2438Tran Dinh MinhBRV0522,540
2524Tran Hoang Ngoc ThangHCM04,52540
2622Tran Duc KhiemHCM04,52330
2730Doan Tan Viet CuongBTH04,52230
2851Nguyen Tuan TrungQNI04,517,530
2910Tran Ngoc SangBCA042620
3037Nguyen Tuan MinhHCM042340
3118Nguyen Duy AnhLAN0421431
3229Doan Phu AnLDO0421432
3325Pham Tuan AnhTBI0421433
3411Dinh Duc ThinhBCA0420,530
3526Nguyen Phan Nhat TanDAN042040
3650Le Minh TrietBPH041940
3741Doan Khoi NguyenBRV041630
3833Nguyen Van DuyPTH041240
3944Tran Vo Minh TamBRV03,52230
4049Pham Minh TriBTH03,519,530
4152Nguyen Dinh TuanBDU03,518,520
4239Le Giang NamHNO03,515,530
4336Cao Nguyen LinhBPH03,514,530
4445Nguyen Duc ThangBPH0315344
4534Nguyen Phuc Anh HuyHCM0315345
4628Le Viet Lam TungQTR031030
4740Trinh Hai NamBPH02,51320
4842Lam Duy PhongBDU02,55,520
4953Nguyen Mai VietBTH0211,500
5031Tran Ba DucBRV021120
5135Luong Hoang KhaiBTH02810
5247Tran Manh TriBRV02700
5348Nguyen Hoang TriBTH00000

Tie Break1: Fide Tie-Break
Tie Break2: The greater number of victories
Tie Break3: Manually input (after Tie-Break matches)

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