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Asian Continental Chess Championship 2012 - Women Standard chess

Last update 13.05.2012 10:40:16, Creator/Last Upload: vietnamchess

Player overview for UZB

14WIMMuminova Nafisa2338UZB½10½10½014,52215-8,70Women Standard chess
15WIMMuminova Nafisa2338UZB0011001115,01815-28,05Women Blitz chess

Results of the last round for UZB

Rd.Bo.No. NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtg No.
WIMMuminova NafisaUZB2338 1 - 0 WIMPham Bich NgocVIE2176
WIMMuminova NafisaUZB23384 1 - 04 WIMVo Thi Kim PhungVIE2155

Player details for UZB

WIM Muminova Nafisa 2338 UZB Rp:2289 Pts. 4,5
134WFMDewi Aa Citra2112INA3,5s ½0,79-0,2915-4,35
213WGMPadmini Rout2345IND5,5w 10,490,51157,65
31GMZhao Xue2549CHN6,0s 00,23-0,2315-3,45
426WGMKiran Manisha Mohanty2208IND3,5w ½0,68-0,1815-2,70
524WIMNguyen Thi Mai Hung2237VIE3,5s 10,640,36155,40
63WGMTan Zhongyi2430CHN6,5w 00,37-0,3715-5,55
75WGMPham Le Thao Nguyen2390VIE5,0w ½0,430,07151,05
830Ni Shiqun2157CHN5,0s 00,74-0,7415-11,10
928WIMPham Bich Ngoc2176VIE3,5w 10,710,29154,35
WIM Muminova Nafisa 2338 UZB Rp:2166 Pts. 5,0
135WFMEnkhtuul Altanulzii2108MGL3,5w 00,79-0,7915-11,85
233Pratyusha Bodda2123IND2,0s 00,77-0,7715-11,55
339Pham Thi Thu Hoai1956VIE2,5w 10,910,09151,35
425WIMYanjindulam Dulamsuren2214MGL4,5s 10,670,33154,95
523WIMHoang Thi Nhu Y2238VIE4,0w 00,64-0,6415-9,60
637Jelsen Yemi2007INA3,5s 00,88-0,8815-13,20
736Ngo Thi Kim Tuyen2070VIE3,5w 10,830,17152,55
822WIMLe Kieu Thien Kim2239VIE4,0s 10,640,36155,40
931WIMVo Thi Kim Phung2155VIE4,0w 10,740,26153,90