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Aer Crowfounding Blitz - 26.11.2022.

Last update 26.11.2022 20:15:12, Creator/Last Upload: Dejan Glisic

Starting rank list of players

10MKTušek Milan14504375CRO1977Šk Prigorje, Zagreb
1IIGlišić Dejan14548526CRO1902Šk Aer, Zagreb
4IGolemović Tvrtko14518759CRO1884Šk Silent, Zagreb
6IIIPoljak Vojislav14576619CRO1864Šk Aer, Zagreb
8IIIMužar Željko79304028CRO1800Šk Aer, Zagreb
2ISrebro Mira14519224CRO1792Šk Srebro, Zagreb
9IIIJurišić Božo14540975CRO1681Šk Aer, Zagreb
3Capan Krešimir79304877CRO1600Šk Travno, Zagreb
7Mužar Marko79303927CRO1600Šk Aer, Zagreb
5Štih DeanCRO1600
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