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Chess Ladies Vienna Internationales Damenschachturnier

Last update 12.06.2012 04:24:22, Creator: is margit almert,Last Upload: heinz herzog

Starting rank list of players

7IMMoser EvaAUT2469Styria Graz
5WGMPokorna ReginaSVK2355Austria Wien
4WGMKochetkova JuliaSVK2282
2WIMMader ManuelaGER2228Sk 1926 Ettlingen
9WGMIonica Iulia-IonelaROU2210
6WFMNewrkla KatharinaAUT2162Sv Wulkaprodersdorf
3WFMOsmanodja FilizGER2160
8WFMExler VeronikaAUT2133Sv Wulkaprodersdorf
1WFMBatyte DaivaLTU2124Sk Aljechin Wien
10WFMNovkovic JuliaAUT2063Dornbirn
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