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Torneo de Navidad CajaCanarias 2006

Last update 20.06.2007 01:37:44, Creator: correa hernández, samuel,Last Upload: spanish chess federation (licence 188)

Starting rank

1GMFernandez Garcia Jose LuisESP2470Can
2FMVillavicencio AdalbertoESP2404Can
3FMSantos Izquierdo FranciscoESP2291Can
4Cabrera Trujillo JorgeESP2255Can
5Hidalgo Santana FernandoESP2241Can
6Pinto Henriquez RodrigoESP2208Can
7WFMTrujillo Delgado DafnaeESP2206Can
8Fernandez Manrique AgustinESP2170Can
9Pereda De Pablo ErnestoESP2167Can
10Rodriguez Vera GregorioESP2161Can
11Villavicencio Martinez CarlosESP2142Can
12Lopez Pereyra AntonioESP2138Can
13Kraus OliverGER2124Can
14Garcia De Haro JaimeESP2057Can
15Alvarez Diaz VictorESP2048Can
16Alonso Contreras MarioESP2036Can
17Darias Darias LuisESP2033Can
18Perez Gutierrez NauzetESP2018Can
19Evora Brondo Jose LuisESP1896Can
20Marrero Martin MESP1884Can
21Feo Gonzalez FranciscoESP1877Can
22Meneses Gonzalez KevinESP1850Can
23Sanchez Martin JacoboESP1816Can
24Rodriguez Fernandez CristianESP1768Can
25Rivas Crespo AlexanderESP1767Can
26Perez Celis AlbaESP1758Can
27Gonzalez Moreno Juan CarlosESP1733Can
28Castillo Goya RobertoESP1722Can
29Gonzalez Diaz EusebioESP1574Can
30Mingorance Torres FranciscoESP1874Can
31Sanchez Leon VictorESP1851Can
32Martin Botella DavidESP1687Can
33Fundora Quintela SofiaESP1675Can
34Rivas Crespo AlejandroESP1633Can
35Canizares Gil PedroESP1603Can
36Campos David GonzaloARG0Can
37Campos Vera CarlosESP0Can
38Celis Ramirez RosarioESP0Can
39De Maria Campos YerayESP0Can
40Fernandez Flores PedroESP0Can
41Fernandez Suarez PedroESP0Can
42Gil Gorrin MargaritaESP0Can
43Guadalupe Fernandez SandraESP0Can
44Hernandez Rodriguez Ana MariaESP0Can
45Machin Soto AdrianESP0Can
46Meneses Sosa JonasESP0Can
47Mesa Herrera IsidroESP0Can
48Niebla Perez PolicarpoESP0Can
49Nortes Hernandez PedroESP0Can
50Perez de la Torre JorgeESP0Can
51Rodriguez Garcia YaizaESP0Can
52Sanz Mora AdrianESP0Can
53Silvan Pages JoseESP0Can
54Taranko NikitaBLR0Can
55Vina Reyes JosueESP0Can