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Sri Lanka Women's National Chess Championship '12

Last update 01.04.2012 09:59:55, Creator/Last Upload: srilankachess


Round 1 on 2012/03/23 at 9.30am
111882WFMPremanath Dinushki½ - ½WIMRanasinghe S D191414
221698Jayathilake Mihirani1 - 0Sumithrarachchi Sayuri157513
331632Kahanda I D S½ - ½Chankamie M K T162912
441798Methmali Y½ - ½Nawaratne Malithi155811
551559De Silva Shelani0 - 1Gunaratne Manisha Suchini156710
661799Basnayake I U½ - ½Perera Panchali16859
771669Chandrasiri S A K0 - 1WFMSenanayake P R17898
Round 2 on 2012/03/23 at 3.30pm
1141914WIMRanasinghe S D½ - ½WFMSenanayake P R17898
291685Perera Panchali0 - 1Chandrasiri S A K16697
3101567Gunaratne Manisha Suchini½ - ½Basnayake I U17996
4111558Nawaratne Malithi½ - ½De Silva Shelani15595
5121629Chankamie M K T½ - ½Methmali Y17984
6131575Sumithrarachchi Sayuri0 - 1Kahanda I D S16323
711882WFMPremanath Dinushki1 - 0Jayathilake Mihirani16982
Round 3 on 2012/03/24 at 9.30am
121698Jayathilake Mihirani0 - 1WIMRanasinghe S D191414
231632Kahanda I D S0 - 1WFMPremanath Dinushki18821
341798Methmali Y1 - 0Sumithrarachchi Sayuri157513
451559De Silva Shelani½ - ½Chankamie M K T162912
561799Basnayake I U1 - 0Nawaratne Malithi155811
671669Chandrasiri S A K½ - ½Gunaratne Manisha Suchini156710
781789WFMSenanayake P R1 - 0Perera Panchali16859
Round 4 on 2012/03/24 at 3.30pm
1141914WIMRanasinghe S D1 - 0Perera Panchali16859
2101567Gunaratne Manisha Suchini½ - ½WFMSenanayake P R17898
3111558Nawaratne Malithi0 - 1Chandrasiri S A K16697
4121629Chankamie M K T0 - 1Basnayake I U17996
5131575Sumithrarachchi Sayuri1 - 0De Silva Shelani15595
611882WFMPremanath Dinushki0 - 1Methmali Y17984
721698Jayathilake Mihirani½ - ½Kahanda I D S16323
Round 5 on 2012/03/25 at 9.30am
131632Kahanda I D S0 - 1WIMRanasinghe S D191414
241798Methmali Y0 - 1Jayathilake Mihirani16982
351559De Silva Shelani½ - ½WFMPremanath Dinushki18821
461799Basnayake I U1 - 0Sumithrarachchi Sayuri157513
571669Chandrasiri S A K1 - 0Chankamie M K T162912
681789WFMSenanayake P R½ - ½Nawaratne Malithi155811
791685Perera Panchali½ - ½Gunaratne Manisha Suchini156710
Round 6 on 2012/03/25 at 3.30pm
1141914WIMRanasinghe S D½ - ½Gunaratne Manisha Suchini156710
2111558Nawaratne Malithi0 - 1Perera Panchali16859
3121629Chankamie M K T½ - ½WFMSenanayake P R17898
4131575Sumithrarachchi Sayuri½ - ½Chandrasiri S A K16697
511882WFMPremanath Dinushki½ - ½Basnayake I U17996
621698Jayathilake Mihirani½ - ½De Silva Shelani15595
731632Kahanda I D S0 - 1Methmali Y17984
Round 7 on 2012/03/29 at 9.30am
141798Methmali Y½ - ½WIMRanasinghe S D191414
251559De Silva Shelani1 - 0Kahanda I D S16323
361799Basnayake I U½ - ½Jayathilake Mihirani16982
471669Chandrasiri S A K0 - 1WFMPremanath Dinushki18821
581789WFMSenanayake P R1 - 0Sumithrarachchi Sayuri157513
691685Perera Panchali1 - 0Chankamie M K T162912
7101567Gunaratne Manisha Suchini1 - 0Nawaratne Malithi155811
Round 8 on 2012/03/29 at 3.30pm
1141914WIMRanasinghe S D1 - 0Nawaratne Malithi155811
2121629Chankamie M K T½ - ½Gunaratne Manisha Suchini156710
3131575Sumithrarachchi Sayuri1 - 0Perera Panchali16859
411882WFMPremanath Dinushki½ - ½WFMSenanayake P R17898
521698Jayathilake Mihirani0 - 1Chandrasiri S A K16697
631632Kahanda I D S0 - 1Basnayake I U17996
741798Methmali Y1 - 0De Silva Shelani15595
Round 9 on 2012/03/30 at 9.30am
151559De Silva Shelani0 - 1WIMRanasinghe S D191414
261799Basnayake I U0 - 1Methmali Y17984
371669Chandrasiri S A K0 - 1Kahanda I D S16323
481789WFMSenanayake P R½ - ½Jayathilake Mihirani16982
591685Perera Panchali½ - ½WFMPremanath Dinushki18821
6101567Gunaratne Manisha Suchini½ - ½Sumithrarachchi Sayuri157513
7111558Nawaratne Malithi½ - ½Chankamie M K T162912
Round 10 on 2012/03/30 at 3.30pm
1141914WIMRanasinghe S D1 - 0Chankamie M K T162912
2131575Sumithrarachchi Sayuri1 - 0Nawaratne Malithi155811
311882WFMPremanath Dinushki1 - 0Gunaratne Manisha Suchini156710
421698Jayathilake Mihirani0 - 1Perera Panchali16859
531632Kahanda I D S½ - ½WFMSenanayake P R17898
641798Methmali Y0 - 1Chandrasiri S A K16697
751559De Silva Shelani½ - ½Basnayake I U17996
Round 11 on 2012/03/31 at 9.30am
161799Basnayake I U½ - ½WIMRanasinghe S D191414
271669Chandrasiri S A K½ - ½De Silva Shelani15595
381789WFMSenanayake P R½ - ½Methmali Y17984
491685Perera Panchali1 - 0Kahanda I D S16323
5101567Gunaratne Manisha Suchini1 - 0Jayathilake Mihirani16982
6111558Nawaratne Malithi½ - ½WFMPremanath Dinushki18821
7121629Chankamie M K T½ - ½Sumithrarachchi Sayuri157513
Round 12 on 2012/03/31 at 3.30pm
1141914WIMRanasinghe S D1 - 0Sumithrarachchi Sayuri157513
211882WFMPremanath Dinushki½ - ½Chankamie M K T162912
321698Jayathilake Mihirani½ - ½Nawaratne Malithi155811
431632Kahanda I D S1 - 0Gunaratne Manisha Suchini156710
541798Methmali Y1 - 0Perera Panchali16859
651559De Silva Shelani0 - 1WFMSenanayake P R17898
761799Basnayake I U0 - 1Chandrasiri S A K16697
Round 13 on 2012/04/01 at 9.30am
171669Chandrasiri S A K1 - 0WIMRanasinghe S D191414
281789WFMSenanayake P R½ - ½Basnayake I U17996
391685Perera Panchali1 - 0De Silva Shelani15595
4101567Gunaratne Manisha Suchini½ - ½Methmali Y17984
5111558Nawaratne Malithi½ - ½Kahanda I D S16323
6121629Chankamie M K T½ - ½Jayathilake Mihirani16982
7131575Sumithrarachchi Sayuri0 - 1WFMPremanath Dinushki18821