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The 30th Cork Chess Congress Masters

Last update 02.10.2022 19:08:22, Creator/Last Upload: IvanBaburin

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Starting rank

1IMKanyamarala Tarun45004714IRL2407
2Nemeth Zalan2512041IRL2247
3Provoost Simon1016334NED2224
4Gavrilovic Sasa940801SRB2194
5Rawlinson Aidan413496ENG2191
6De Jonge Henk2502062IRL1954
7Leichert Piotr1107658POL1917
8Naughton James2509199IRL1903
9Geaney-O'Brien David2509164IRL1887
10Murphy Oissine2503603IRL1877
11Ivanov Andrey2514311IRL1786
12Novak Vjekoslav14511584CRO1768
13Liu Jason2514656IRL1758
14Murtagh Robert2507501IRL1696
15McSweeney John2519216IRL1681
16Condon Gerard2510111IRL1680
17Chan BryanIRL1675
18Smith Jonathan470988IRL1671
19Mihaylova Aliona2511479IRL1631
20Khairy Ibrahim10665625EGY1600
21Scarry James2516713IRL1580
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