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26 november : Round 9 14h30 20h00 Diner and Closing Ceremonie, Hotel Novotel

1st European Small Nations Individual Women Championship

Last update 26.11.2022 18:33:04, Creator/Last Upload: IA Dominique DERVIEUX

Starting rank list of players

6WGMDornbusch Tatiana14107449MNC2244
9WFMHenderson De La Fuente Andrea32096577AND2009
10Nevska Gerda10700366GCI1841
2WFMMarkidou Christianna5900433CYP1683
1WIMLebel-Arias Julia602019MNC1599
3Berezovsky Fiorina5400651MNC1572
8WFMFarrugia Jamie5600898MLT1568
4Sele Timea1343424LIE1334
7Ashbrooke Monika15600262JCI1321
5Lazzarini Giulia11800364SMR0