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13th European Individual Chess Championship 2012

Last update 31.03.2012 17:45:45, Creator/Last Upload: bulgarian chess federation

Player overview for swe

146GMGrandelius Nils2545SWE110011½001½6,0106107,50

Results of the last round for swe

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
GMGrandelius Nils2545 ½ - ½ GMRoiz Michael2652

Player details for swe

GM Grandelius Nils 2545 SWE Rp:2588 Pts. 6,0
1320Marjanovic Dejan2132BIH4,5w 10,890,11101,10
251GMSocko Bartosz2647POL5,5s 10,360,64106,40
367GMMelkumyan Hrant2628ARM7,0w 00,39-0,3910-3,90
429GMSargissian Gabriel2674ARM7,5s 00,33-0,3310-3,30
5240IMKanmazalp Ogulcan2389TUR5,5w 10,710,29102,90
659GMNyback Tomi2636FIN6,0s 10,380,62106,20
773GMVolkov Sergey2623RUS7,0w ½0,390,11101,10
847GMTimofeev Artyom2650RUS7,0s 00,36-0,3610-3,60
977GMAndriasian Zaven2616ARM7,0w 00,40-0,4010-4,00
10218IMIvanov Alexey2424RUS5,0s 10,660,34103,40
1146GMRoiz Michael2652ISR6,0w ½0,350,15101,50