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IRT Open Sub 1900 febrero 2012

Last update 27.02.2012 13:26:55, Creator/Last Upload: torrens guardiola, joan

Starting rank

1Perez Prieto GermanESP1897
2Montenegro Gonzalez FranciscoESP1877
3Alemany Jara AlejandroESP1873
4Oliver Font Jose LuisESP1867
5Moya Pol AntonioESP1842
6Gimenez Garcia EmilioESP1802
7Nadal Bestard SebastiaESP1798
8Trillo-Figueroa Vidal AntonioESP1790
9Fentes Caceres DanielESP1745
10Matas Artigues JosepESP1728
11Abrines Sampol LorenzoESP1719
12Pujadas Poulsen JavierESP1682
13Goldie ThomasUSA1562
14Contreras Cabot MarcESP0
15Romero Gonzalez AlbertoESP0