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Campeonato Insular de Gran Canaria Sub-10 Masculino 2012 Juegos de Gran Canaria

Last update 04.03.2012 13:39:36, Creator/Last Upload: spanish federation (arbiter comitee)

Starting rank list of players

4Amador Garcia IsmaelESP1379Dominicas
1Gil BolaƱos HectorESP1201Telde
8Cano Gonzalez PedroESP1200San Mateo
7Fernandez Arce AketzaESP1200Grandama
2Franco Gonzalez JavierESP1200Telde
6Galvan Garcia EduardoESP1200Moya
5Gonzalez Ramirez DanielESP1200Maspalomas
3Rios Montero AiranESP1200Moya