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XXIX Juegos Escolares de Huesca (Cadete) 2012

Last update 26.02.2012 20:24:36, Creator/Last Upload: federaciĆ³n aragonesa de ajedrez (65)

Starting rank list of players

9Uldemolins Nivela MateoESP1856Casino Jaque
4Sese Ibanez AlbertoESP1745Binefar
6Pellicer Cerezuela MiguelESP1727L'aurora Estadilla
7Tierno Rios NestorESP1581Binefar
5Rodriguez Aranda KevinESP1544Monzon
2Gonzalez Camara SergioESP1500Monzon
8Laliena Villacampa PedroESP1500Atl. Huesca-Cai
3Lera Aused BorjaESP1500Atl. Huesca-Cai
1Tierno Rios GuillermoESP1500Binefar