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Rilton Cup 2022/2023

Last update 30.01.2023 23:21:35, Creator/Last Upload: Stockholms Schackförbund

Player overview for TPE

45FMBai Adelard24112411TPE10½1½01½15,533239810-1,00Rilton Cup

Results of the last round for TPE

Rd.Bo.No. NameBdldGrRtgPts. ResultPts. NameBdldGrRtg No.
FMBai Adelard112411 1 - 0 FMFalkevall Axel222287

Player details for TPE

FM Bai Adelard 2411 TPE Rp:2398 Pts. 5,5
1113FMBuchenau Frank22182218GER4s 10,750,25102,50
29GMGalperin Platon25302530UKR6,5w 00,34-0,3410-3,40
393FMMertanen Janne22692269FIN4s ½0,69-0,1910-1,90
482FMShohat Yotam22942294ISR4,5w 10,660,34103,40
5115CMAdithya A Chullikkad22062206IND4s ½0,76-0,2610-2,60
665IMLindberg Bengt23492349SWE5w 00,59-0,5910-5,90
7102WIMMuetsch Annmarie22512251GER4s 10,710,29102,90
829IMSardana Rishi24602460AUS5,5w ½0,430,07100,70
987FMFalkevall Axel22872287SWE4,5w 10,670,33103,30