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Rilton Cup 2022/2023

Last update 30.01.2023 23:21:35, Creator/Last Upload: Stockholms Schackförbund

Player overview for CRO

3GMLivaic Leon25722572CRO1½11½0½½1611256110-1,30Rilton Cup

Results of the last round for CRO

Rd.Bo.No. NameBdldGrRtgPts. ResultPts. NameBdldGrRtg No.
GMLivaic Leon25725 1 - 05 FMRichter Nils112416

Player details for CRO

GM Livaic Leon 2572 CRO Rp:2561 Pts. 6
171FMKupervaser Erez23312331ISR3,5w 10,800,20102,00
244IMPercivaldi Martin24122412DEN5s ½0,71-0,2110-2,10
339GMOratovsky Michael24222422ISR3,5w 10,700,30103,00
427IMPantzar Milton24652465SWE4,5s 10,650,35103,50
524IMWadsworth Matthew J24702470ENG4,5w ½0,64-0,1410-1,40
622IMPranesh M24752475IND8s 00,63-0,6310-6,30
718IMKucuksari Kaan24922492SWE7w ½0,61-0,1110-1,10
835GMPetursson Margeir24372437ISL6s ½0,68-0,1810-1,80
941FMRichter Nils24162416GER5w 10,710,29102,90