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Rilton Cup 2022/2023

Last update 30.01.2023 23:21:35, Creator/Last Upload: Stockholms Schackförbund

Player overview for CAT

19IMGarriga Cazorla Pere24902490CAT101½1½000474246810-1,60Rilton Cup

Results of the last round for CAT

Rd.Bo.No. NameBdldGrRtgPts. ResultPts. NameBdldGrRtg No.
IMGarriga Cazorla Pere24904 0 not paired  

Player details for CAT

IM Garriga Cazorla Pere 2490 CAT Rp:2468 Pts. 4
187FMFalkevall Axel22872287SWE4,5w 10,760,24102,40
251IMKilgus Georg23892389AUT5,5s 00,64-0,6410-6,40
377GMBellon Lopez Juan Manuel23142314SWE3w 10,730,27102,70
468IMSidhant Mohapatra23372337IND6s ½0,70-0,2010-2,00
575FMDeuer Marius23242324GER5w 10,720,28102,80
647IMWillow Jonah B24092409ENG5,5s ½0,61-0,1110-1,10
785FMOlsson William22902290SWE6- 0K
8-not paired-- --- 0
9-not paired-- --- 0