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Campeonato Nacional Abierto 2011

Last update 26.02.2012 19:15:43, Creator: demo-version (60 spieler/4 runden),Last Upload: club metropolitano

Player info

NameGomez Stanley
Starting rank18
Rating national2066
Rating international0
Performance rating1989


11842Shih Gould Danny1600CRC1,0s 1
267Vargas Serrano Pablo2165CRC4,0w 0
31335Marin Valeria1781CRC3,5s 1
445Bermudez Sergio FM2207CRC6,0w ½
5813Bonilla Sequeira Pablo2083CRC5,5s 0
61227Soto Garita Santiago1856CRC4,0w 1
7916Carranza Fernandez Jorge2069CRC4,5w 1
8510Esquivel Jose Edmond2119CRC6,5s 0
9612Solano Cuya Bryan2091CRC5,0w ½
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