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Magistral IM febrero 2012 Winterchess

Last update 27.02.2012 19:16:01, Creator/Last Upload: torrens guardiola, joan

Starting rank list of players

8IMGergacz Attila730157HUN24320
6IMIvanov Jordan2901250BUL24042440
3IMMascaro March Pedro2217570ESP24022408
2FMCuadras Avellana Jordi2200643ESP23162319
4FMGarcia Del Rey Senen2215330ESP22922294
9Natalicchio Escalante Nicolas811599ESP22612237
5Uribe Arteaga Daniel4403320COL22362237
10Bressac Stephane655945FRA22230
1Beukema Stefan1024523NED22220
7FMGonzalez Galvan Juan Manuel2224437ESP22142226
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