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Campeonato Catarinense Absoluto – Final Fechada FINAL - Piratuba/SC

Last update 12.02.2012 21:02:37, Creator/Last Upload: clube carazinhense de xadrez

Player info

NameBarreiros da Silva Denison Klein
Starting rank16
Rating national1954
Rating international1850
Performance rating2188
FIDE rtg +/-67,8
Club/CityC. Concordiense X.
Year of birth 1993


166Umetsubo Cesar Hidemitsu22032205BRAC.X. Florianópolis5,5s 00,11-0,1130-3,30
2711Florianovitz Derlei Alex21281987BRAC.X. Chapecó3,0w 10,170,833024,90
3710Mafra Kaiser Luiz21442116BRAC.X. Florianópolis3,5s 10,150,853025,50
453FMDos Santos Junior Haroldo Cunha22532225BRAC.X. Joinville4,0w 00,08-0,0830-2,40
564Cordeiro Marco Aurelio Zaror22392201BRALages X.C.3,5s 10,090,913027,30
659Calcado Acyr Rogerio21622105BRASem Clube3,5w 00,14-0,1430-4,20
7720Maia Jonathan Cesar00BRAC.X. Navegantes2,0s 1