Tirunelveli District Under 17 Chess Championship Tournament 2022

Last update 23.05.2022 13:42:48, Creator/Last Upload: Rishi Chess Academy

Tournament selectionUnder 17, Under 7
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Final Ranking crosstable after 7 Rounds, Starting rank crosstable
Board PairingsRd.1, Rd.2, Rd.3, Rd.4, Rd.5, Rd.6, Rd.7/7 , not paired
Ranking list afterRd.1, Rd.2, Rd.3, Rd.4, Rd.5, Rd.6, Rd.7
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Starting rank

1Raaghav Kabil M25794302IND1537PLY
2AFMNaveen Kumar P25642200IND1483PLY
3Jai Kamalesh S33310297IND1373PLY
4Mitul Bala S25611216IND1360PLY
5Gowtham S G45090807IND1343TNV
6ACMAshwinth Michael25990810IND1285RDPM
7Siva Adithyan S25794329IND1261PLY
8Rohith Vinay R25756567IND1221PLY
9Sachiel Parthiban25160109IND1190PLY
10Siddhartha B25954270IND1181PLY
11Dhilip Santhosh Kumar45074402IND1124PLY
13Gowtham Dhileepan S25159895IND1100PLY
15Aji Shree A33315639IND1046wPLY
16Saranya Sri G33310882IND1029wPLY
17Prithvi Raja S25197967IND1015PLY
18Nitin Kumar P25682652IND1014PLY
19AFMAbishek E33379033IND0PLY
20Aadhithya L25100181IND0PLY
21Aakaash V SIND0TNV
22Abijit Aadhithya M33384223IND0TNV
23Anshikaa G M33393923IND0wPLY
24Arshia Brimin AIND0wPLY
25Bharath Kumar G33384282IND0PLY
26Chris Claitus LIND0RDPM
27Danush Ram A33475830IND0PLY
28Dharshini SIND0wPLY
29Diyanesh SIND0PLY
30Gauresh VIND0PLY
31Gomathi Sankar MIND0TNV
32Haari Keshav33469326IND0PLY
33Harsha SriramIND0PLY
34Itthesh SinghIND0PLY
35Jaikrish K S25159925IND0PLY
36Jeshur Manuel Raj33469350IND0PLY
37Jeyashree C25105248IND0wPLY
38Kavin Prabhakar33337942IND0PLY
39Keici Karunyaa FIND0wPLY
40Kishore Kumar Karthi Keyan33395420IND0PLY
41Lacshitha MIND0wPLY
42Madhumetha G33310874IND0wPLY
43Mahin Piramanayagam S33384428IND0PLY
44Mohamed Farzan Hussain SIND0PLY
45Mughilan SIND0PLY
47Nikil Brown V33469393IND0PLY
48Nithya Shree M33305382IND0wTNV
49Nivil Raj V33469407IND0PLY
50Ponvel Kumaran R KIND0PLY
51Rajesh SIND0TNV
52Rithanya GanesanIND0wPLY
53Rubesh Anbazhagan33465894IND0PLY
54Saai Amuthan SIND0PLY
55Sai Durga K33404666IND0wPLY
56Sai GokulIND0PLY
57Sai KumarIND0PLY
58Sai Pranav M33312125IND0PLY
59Shakthi Gayathri B25160125IND0wPLY
60Sivasri B K33419558IND0wPLY
61Sriram Kumar V25173332IND0PLY
62Vanisha L25967622IND0wPLY
63Varshini SIND0wPLY
64Velmurugha Indhresh VIND0PLY
65Vinishaa A33319022IND0wPLY
66Yugashini MIND0wPLY
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