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2nd ASEAN Women

Last update 31.12.2011 06:47:31, Creator/Last Upload: ia ignatius leong


Round 1 on 2011/12/26 at 1600
111974Jelsen Yemi1 - 0WFMDewi Aa Citra216210
222050WFMAnu Bayar1 - 0WCMNur Nabila Azman Hisham19419
332114WFMMedina Warda Aulia1 - 0WIMSihite Chelsie Monica21768
442109WIMAbdumalik Zhansaya1 - 0WFMTran Thi Kim Loan20217
551963WFMChan Wei Yi Victoria0 - 1WIMLe Kieu Thien Kim22386
Round 2 on 2011/12/27 at 0900
1102162WFMDewi Aa Citra0 - 1WIMLe Kieu Thien Kim22386
272021WFMTran Thi Kim Loan1 - 0WFMChan Wei Yi Victoria19635
382176WIMSihite Chelsie Monica0 - 1WIMAbdumalik Zhansaya21094
491941WCMNur Nabila Azman Hisham0 - 1WFMMedina Warda Aulia21143
511974Jelsen Yemi0 - 1WFMAnu Bayar20502
Round 3 on 2011/12/27 at 1600
122050WFMAnu Bayar1 - 0WFMDewi Aa Citra216210
232114WFMMedina Warda Aulia½ - ½Jelsen Yemi19741
342109WIMAbdumalik Zhansaya1 - 0WCMNur Nabila Azman Hisham19419
451963WFMChan Wei Yi Victoria½ - ½WIMSihite Chelsie Monica21768
562238WIMLe Kieu Thien Kim1 - 0WFMTran Thi Kim Loan20217
Round 4 on 2011/12/28 at 0900
1102162WFMDewi Aa Citra1 - 0WFMTran Thi Kim Loan20217
282176WIMSihite Chelsie Monica1 - 0WIMLe Kieu Thien Kim22386
391941WCMNur Nabila Azman Hisham½ - ½WFMChan Wei Yi Victoria19635
411974Jelsen Yemi1 - 0WIMAbdumalik Zhansaya21094
522050WFMAnu Bayar0 - 1WFMMedina Warda Aulia21143
Round 5 on 2011/12/28 at 1600
132114WFMMedina Warda Aulia1 - 0WFMDewi Aa Citra216210
242109WIMAbdumalik Zhansaya½ - ½WFMAnu Bayar20502
351963WFMChan Wei Yi Victoria0 - 1Jelsen Yemi19741
462238WIMLe Kieu Thien Kim1 - 0WCMNur Nabila Azman Hisham19419
572021WFMTran Thi Kim Loan0 - 1WIMSihite Chelsie Monica21768
Round 6 on 2011/12/29 at 0900
1102162WFMDewi Aa Citra½ - ½WIMSihite Chelsie Monica21768
291941WCMNur Nabila Azman Hisham0 - 1WFMTran Thi Kim Loan20217
311974Jelsen Yemi1 - 0WIMLe Kieu Thien Kim22386
422050WFMAnu Bayar1 - 0WFMChan Wei Yi Victoria19635
532114WFMMedina Warda Aulia1 - 0WIMAbdumalik Zhansaya21094
Round 7 on 2011/12/30 at 0900
142109WIMAbdumalik Zhansaya½ - ½WFMDewi Aa Citra216210
251963WFMChan Wei Yi Victoria½ - ½WFMMedina Warda Aulia21143
362238WIMLe Kieu Thien Kim1 - 0WFMAnu Bayar20502
472021WFMTran Thi Kim Loan1 - 0Jelsen Yemi19741
582176WIMSihite Chelsie Monica1 - 0WCMNur Nabila Azman Hisham19419
Round 8 on 2011/12/30 at 1600
1102162WFMDewi Aa Citra½ - ½WCMNur Nabila Azman Hisham19419
211974Jelsen Yemi½ - ½WIMSihite Chelsie Monica21768
322050WFMAnu Bayar0 - 1WFMTran Thi Kim Loan20217
432114WFMMedina Warda Aulia½ - ½WIMLe Kieu Thien Kim22386
542109WIMAbdumalik Zhansaya1 - 0WFMChan Wei Yi Victoria19635
Round 9 on 2011/12/31 at 0900
151963WFMChan Wei Yi Victoria½ - ½WFMDewi Aa Citra216210
262238WIMLe Kieu Thien Kim½ - ½WIMAbdumalik Zhansaya21094
372021WFMTran Thi Kim Loan0 - 1WFMMedina Warda Aulia21143
482176WIMSihite Chelsie Monica½ - ½WFMAnu Bayar20502
591941WCMNur Nabila Azman Hisham0 - 1Jelsen Yemi19741