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Liga Andaluza 11/12 Fase Final Division de Honor Event Code 63590

Last update 12.12.2011 23:14:17, Creator/Last Upload: spanish chess federation (licence 268)

Team-Pairings of all rounds

Round 1 on 2011/12/10 at 10:00
1  Club Ajedrez Miraflores "A"  P.A. Oromana "Ernesto Palacios"2:3
2  Shahmat Sanlucar "A"  Hotel Reina Cristina Algeciras½:
3  Alekhine Espartinas "A"  not paired:
4  Trebejos Plagiser  not paired:
Round 2 on 2011/12/10 at 17:00
1  Hotel Reina Cristina Algeciras  Alekhine Espartinas "A"½:
2  P.A. Oromana "Ernesto Palacios"  Trebejos Plagiser2:3
3  Club Ajedrez Miraflores "A"  Shahmat Sanlucar "A":
Round 3 on 2011/12/11 at 10:00
1  Hotel Reina Cristina Algeciras  P.A. Oromana "Ernesto Palacios":
2  Alekhine Espartinas "A"  Trebejos Plagiser3:2
3  Shahmat Sanlucar "A"  not paired:
4  Club Ajedrez Miraflores "A"  not paired: