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Östersunds SS KM 2011/2012

Última Actualização30.05.2012 22:49:27, Creator/Last Upload: jamt-chess

Lista de jogadores por elo

6Persson UlfSWE2023Östersunds SS
9Burman LennartSWE1975Östersunds SS
7Puleshi DenisGRE1849Östersunds SS
12Ekberg JacobSWE1650Östersunds SS
4Myrberg ÅkeSWE1646Östersunds SS
1Bohman Karlholm AdrianSWE1632Östersunds SS
5Öberg BengtSWE1629Östersunds SS
2Johansson HenrikSWE1493Östersunds SS
11Öhlund JohanSWE1368Östersunds SS
10Åström AndersSWE1350Östersunds SS
3Malmström DavidSWE1315Östersunds SS
8Herm RobertSWE1120Östersunds SS