Anna Ushenina (UKR) will be replaced by Anna Muzychuk for the rest of the tournament according to article D of the ETCC-2021 Health Protocol.

14th European Team Chess Championship 2021 - Women

Organizer(s)European Chess Union, Slovenian Chess Federation
FederationEuropean Chess-Union ( ECU )
Tournament directorNina Rob
Chief ArbiterIA Nikolopoulos, Panagiotis 4226070
Deputy Chief ArbiterIA Srebrnic, Ana 14603314; IA Biagioli, Marco 841285
ArbiterDimitrijevic, Aleksandra 929239; Lukic, Marija 914550; Brokko, Margit 4501098; Rudman, Robert 14609959; Miladinovic, Lena 942553; Marinello, Dario 2808108; Lesic, Krunoslav 14505258; Zaruba, Petr 351725; Goljovic, Rade 935255; Urbanc, Tina 14614359
Time control (Standard)90'/40m + 30'/end & 30"/m
LocationCatez, Slovenia
Number of rounds9
Tournament typeSwiss-System for teams
Rating calculationRating international
Date2021/11/12 to 2021/11/21
Pairing programSwiss-Manager from Heinz HerzogSwiss-Manager tournamentfile

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Tournament selectionWomen, Open
LinksOfficial Homepage of the Organizer, Link with tournament calendar
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Team pairingsRd.1, Rd.2, Rd.3, Rd.4, Rd.5, Rd.6, Rd.7, Rd.8, Rd.9
Board PairingsRd.1, Rd.2, Rd.3, Rd.4, Rd.5, Rd.6, Rd.7, Rd.8, Rd.9
Ranking list afterRd.1, Rd.2, Rd.3, Rd.4, Rd.5, Rd.6, Rd.7, Rd.8, Rd.9
The best playersBoard list
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GamesThere are 540 games available for download
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Playing schedule

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