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Hull Rapid 2022 - Open

Last update 09.01.2022 18:03:15, Creator/Last Upload: 4NCL

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Starting rank

1Townsend M Paul402320ENG2279
2Birtwistle Nigel406945ENG2223
3Arnott Jonathan W408077ENG2146
4Rich Ben S490431ENG2133
5Keely Leo A410241ENG2114
6Edwards-Wright Miles D424072ENG2098
7Kilshaw Joe409979ENG2095
8Ciuravin Andrei14191474UKR2007
9Gajdosz Marek1170783POL1968
10Thackray John490440ENG1960
11Rak Dariusz1131230ENG1953
12Lord David E494038ENG1935
13Wills Thomas458651ENG1923
14Turner Tim M416428ENG1908