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World Youth Chess Championship - U 10 Open ID FIDE - 59426

Last update 04.12.2011 18:56:59, Creator/Last Upload: cbx - confederacao brasileira de xadrez

Player overview for ISR

3WIMEfroimski Marsel2230ISR1001110116,01515-22,65U 16 Girls

Results of the last round for ISR

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
WIMEfroimski Marsel22305 1 - 05 Zarkovic Mila1972

Player details for ISR

WIM Efroimski Marsel 2230 ISR Rp:2052 Pts. 6,0
144Jensen Recupero Daniela1821CHI3,5w 10,920,08151,20
226WFMPachon Adriana2014COL4,5s 00,78-0,7815-11,70
340Anjana Krishna S1858IND5,0w 00,90-0,9015-13,50
456Versosa Bravo Karen1753ECU4,0s 10,920,08151,20
537Herrera Arboleda Kerly Danna1884ECU4,5w 10,890,11151,65
631Roy Myriam1939CAN5,0s 10,850,15152,25
78Klek Hanna-Marie2154GER7,5w 00,60-0,6015-9,00
830Jorquera Cabello Valentina1952CHI5,0s 10,830,17152,55
928Zarkovic Mila1972SRB5,0w 10,820,18152,70