Each match will consist of 2 games (players will play each other twice).
In the event of a tied match (score is 1-1) an Armageddon game will be played.

2021 South African Junior Closed (Knock-Out) U14 Girls

Organizer(s)Chess South Africa
FederationSouth Africa ( RSA )
Tournament directorBridgette Burger
Chief ArbiterIA Günther van den Bergh (14301180)
Time control (Rapid)20+10
Number of rounds8
Tournament typeSwiss-System
Rating calculationRating national
Date2021/07/17 to 2021/07/18
Pairing programSwiss-Manager from Heinz HerzogSwiss-Manager tournamentfile

Last update 15.07.2021 20:29:03, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess federation (masterlicence)

Tournament selectionWC8G, WC8O, WC8G, WC10O, WC12G, WC12O, WC14G, WC14O, WC16G, WC16O, WC18G, WC18O, WC20G, WC20O
Q8G, Q8O, Q10G, Q10O Group 1, Q10O Group 2, Q10O Group 3, Q10O Group 4, Q12G Group 1, Q12G Group 2, Q12G Group 3, Q12G Group 4, Q12O Group 1, Q12O Group 2, Q12O Group 3, Q12O Group 4
Q14G Group 1, Q14G Group 2, Q14G Group 3, Q14G Group 4, Q14O Group 1, Q14O Group 2, Q14O Group 3, Q14O Group 4, Q16G Group 1, Q16G Group 2, Q16G Group 3, Q16G Group 4, Q16O Group 1, Q16O Group 2, Q16O Group 3
Q16O Group 4, Q18G, Q18O, Q20O+G, KO8G, KO8O, KO10G, KO10O
KO12G, KO12O, KO14G, KO14O, KO16G, KO16O, KO18G, KO18O, KO20G+O
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Starting rank

1Strong Davida208082261GTP1737wGTPFluffypower03
2Badenhorst Chloe207082268GJM1603wGJMChessCat07
3Boshoma Chisomo207069536GJM1364wGJMChessladyboss
4Bruintjies Hailey207052418ENM1364wENM0HayHay0
5Amrouni Alexia Shakira207087582GTP1348wGTPToxicRose_3
6Gibson Amy-Leigh208085014WP1298wWPALG-08
7Goosen Mignon207061368GSV1291wGSVMignonGoosen
8Govender Keniesha207084389KED1266wKEDKeniesha660
9Monchosi Atlegang208069127NWP1257wNWPatlegang1
10Dove Megan207065272EBC1254wEBCmegandove
11Mackintosh Michaella208088218WP1230wWPOneWinnerOneLearner
12Matshego Thato207086167NBR1229wNBRBlessedkiddd
13Snyders Meya208068746GTP1227wGTPvampgirl123
14Olkers Caitlyn208086084WP1187wWPCaitybells
15Bixa Tshegofatso208076314EBC1185wEBCTbqueen1
16Aldum Carla208067323GE1140wGECarlaAldum123
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