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Syrian Individual Championship for Women - Final 2011

Last update 27.08.2011 16:09:42, Creator/Last Upload: syrian chess federation

Starting rank

1Almeir Afamiaدمش1993
2Essteif Sheireenإدل1942
3Aljeldeh Nebalدمش1883
4Aljeldeh Fatemahدمش1845
5Alkasseir Roaaحما1794
6Yaghi Ritaحما1739
7Alyazji Madaحما1727
8Farha Dohaحما0
9Alkhateeb Naghamحما0
10Khadour Naghamحما0
11Maksoud Raghadدمش0
12Morad Fatemahدير0
13Dawood Salmaحما0
14Alhassan Hebaحمص0
15Alnaker Halaإدل0
16Obeid Raghadدمش0
17Khalil Manarحما0
18Sayasneh haneinدرع0