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Reykjavik Open 2012

Last update 18.04.2012 14:05:00, Creator/Last Upload: icelandic chess federation

Player overview for CHN

6GMHou Yifan26390CHN11½½1½11½7,062677107,10

Results of the last round for CHN

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
GMHou Yifan2639 ½ - ½7 GMCaruana Fabiano2767

Player details for CHN

GM Hou Yifan 2639 CHN Rp:2677 Pts. 7,0
1105WFMThorsteinsdottir Gudlaug20852053ISL4,0w 10,920,08100,80
257FMLagerman Robert23152304ISL5,5s 10,870,13101,30
339FMTrella Thomas24102420GER5,5w ½0,79-0,2910-2,90
429IMHunt Adam C24540ENG5,5s ½0,74-0,2410-2,40
531IMBartholomew John24402501USA5,5w 10,760,24102,40
625GMKristjansson Stefan25002495ISL5,0s ½0,69-0,1910-1,90
719GMStefansson Hannes25312615ISL6,5w 10,650,35103,50
810GMBaklan Vladimir26120UKR6,5s 10,540,46104,60
91GMCaruana Fabiano27670ITA7,5w ½0,330,17101,70
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