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1st Weekend rapid tournament 2021 OPEN

Last update 24.01.2021 11:03:17, Creator/Last Upload: Saigon

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Final Ranking after 7 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameGrRtgIPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4 
13FMDang Hoang SonOPE21937029307
21IMPham ChuongOPE23566032356
319Dang Anh MinhOPE16336028316
45Nguyen Phuoc TamOPE20946027,530,56
54Tong Thai HungOPE21616027,5295
614Vo Pham Thien PhucOPE17585,5031335
78Nguyen Van QuanOPE18815,502729,55
816Le Tri KienOPE16925,502526,55
96FMLe Minh HoangOPE2090503032,55
1012Nguyen Lam ThienOPE1781503032,54
117CMVu Quang QuyenOPE19775029324
1215Nguyen Tien AnhOPE17075028295
1330Nguyen Quang MinhU1013455028294
1422CMPham Tran Gia PhucU1215365027,5305
1510Le Quang VinhOPE18095027305
1639Bui Quoc HuyU1205026,527,54
1727Nguyen Thai SonU1213865023,5265
1834Nguyen Anh KhoaU1212685023255
1924Pham Viet Thien PhuocU1214515021,5235
2011FMLe Minh TuOPE17884,502931,54
2113Cao Xuan AnOPE17714,5027,5304
2276Nguyen Huu Anh TaiOPE04,502629,53
2320Nguyen Duc SangOPE16324,5025284
35Vu Xuan HoangU1212284,5025284
2543Dang Duc LamU0804,5025274
2692Nguyen The Tuan AnhU1004,502426,54
2728Le Minh Tuan AnhOPE13664,5023,5264
2881Nguyen Minh KhangU1004,5022,523,54
2993Nguyen The Tuan MinhOPE04027,530,54
30102Phan Minh TrieuOPE0402729,54
3125Vo Thien AnOPE1448402728,54
3279Nguyen Le NguyenU1004026,529,54
3384Nguyen Nhan ChanhOPE04026,528,54
3475Nguyen Hoang Anh TuanOPE04026294
3580Nguyen Minh KhaOPE0402628,54
3699Pham Hoang Nam AnhU1204025,528,54
3729CMHoang Le Minh BaoU1213574025284
90Nguyen Thanh LongOPE04025284
3923Vu Ba KhoiOPE14924025264
4064Le Huynh Tuan KhangU1004024,525,54
4137Bui Dang KhoaOPE04023,526,53
4231Huynh Le Minh HoangU1213434023,525,54
439Tran Vo Quoc BaoOPE18794023264
4453Ho Quoc HuyU1204021,523,54
45110Tran Van Duc DungU1004021,522,53
46101Pham Tuan AnhOPE0402123,54
4726Bui Tran Minh KhangU1213974020224
48111Vu Hoang AnhU1004020213
49108Tran Minh HieuU080401921,53
5061Lam Anh MinhU1204018,5194
5165Le Ngoc HieuOPE03,502528,53
5255Hoang Thien NhanU1003,502527,53
5332Ta Nguyen BaoU1213423,5023,525,53
5486Nguyen Pham Minh TriOPE03,502325,53
5550Ho Dang KhoaOPE03,5023253
5633Huynh Kim SonOPE12873,5022243
57105Thai Ho Tan MinhU1203,502122,53
5885Nguyen Nhat TruongU1203,5020,5233
5921Duong Thanh HuyU1216203,5020,522,53
60106To Quoc Dang HuyU1203,5019213
6148Du Chi KhangU1003,5016173
6274Nguyen Hanh Hoang DucOPE03025,527,53
6397Pham Hai Minh HuyU080302426,53
6457Huynh Bao LongU1003023,5253
6573Nguyen Duc TaiU0803023,524,52
6618Ngo Thanh TuOPE16793023263
6758Huynh Le Tan HuyU1203023252
6883Nguyen Nguyen ThinhU100302324,53
6991Nguyen The Gia HungU1003022,5253
7063Le Hoang Bao DuyU1203022233
7145Do Tan SangU0803021223
7277Nguyen Huu Tran HuyOPE03021222
7366Le Nhat MinhU0803020,521,53
7452Ho Quoc DuyU0803019,5213
75107Tran Duc DuyU0803019213
7636Le Ngoc Minh TruongU1211133019212
7769Le Vinh DinhU120301919,53
7841Cao Le HoangU1203018,519,53
7942Chau Quang PhucU1003018193
8049Duong Hoang Nhat MinhU0803016173
8167Le Truong Nhat NamU0803015,5163
8262Le Ha Nguyen ChuongOPE02,5024,5272
8351Ho Nguyen Minh HieuU1002,502223,52
8478Nguyen Le Duc MinhU1002,5021232
8546Do Tien Quang MinhU1002,5020221
8659Huynh Tan DatU0802,5019202
87109Tran Minh TriOPE02,5018,519,51
88103Phan Thien HaiU0802,5017182
8956Hoang Trung PhongU0802,501515,52
9088Nguyen Tan MinhU0802022232
9182Nguyen Ngo Trung QuanU1202021,5242
9272Nguyen Duc MinhU1002021,522,51
9387Nguyen Quang MinhU1002019,5221
9498Pham Hoang KhangU080201921,52
95100Pham Le Duy CanU100201921,51
9694Nguyen Trac QuanU1202018,519,52
9789Nguyen Thanh DatU1002017,5192
9838Bui Dang KhoiU0802017182
9970Ngo Duy PhucU100201616,52
10047Doan The QuanU080201515,51
10160Huynh Tan PhatU1201,5022241
102104Phan Trong DucU1001,502222,50
10396Pham Anh DuyU1001,5015,516,50
10495Nguyen Vu Quang DuyU100102021,51
10571Ngo Trieu KhangU100102020,51
10640Cao Gia KhangU1201017181
107112Vu NguyenU1001016,517,50
1082IMDuong The AnhOPE23260016,517,50
17An Dinh MinhOPE16860016,517,50
44Dang Ngoc Thien PhuOPE00016,517,50
54Hoang Duc MinhU1000016,517,50
68Le Vinh BachOPE00016,517,50

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break4: The greater number of victories (variable)