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Last update 13.08.2011 07:14:46, Creator/Last Upload: vietnamchess

Starting rank

1GMDao Thien HaiHCM2492
2IMNguyen Huynh Minh HuyDTH2465
3GMNguyen Anh DungQNI2482
4GMBui VinhHNO2441
5IMNguyen Duc HoaCTH2452
6GMCao SangLDO2533
7FMNguyen Van HaiHNO2267
8IMNguyen Van HuyHNO2459
9Tran Quoc DungDTH2328
10CMTran Thanh TuDTH2346
11Nguyen Thien VietDAN2302
12Hoang Van NgocQDO2176
13FMBao QuangDAN2294
14IMTon That Nhu TungHCM2200
15GMTu Hoang ThongHCM2424
16IMBao KhoaLDO2255
17CMNguyen Van ThanhDAN2155
18Doan Van DucQDO2116
19FMPham ChuongHCM2387
20IMTu Hoang ThaiHCM2348
21FMNguyen Ha PhuongBGI1942
22Vu Phi HungQNI0
23Duong Thuong CongQDO2026
24Nguyen Minh TuanHCM2105
25CMNguyen Van Toan ThanhQDO1919
26Tran Minh HoangHNO1978
27Nguyen Thanh NghiaHCM2140
28Nguyen Hoang DucQNI0
29Tran Manh TienQDO2311
30FMHoang Canh HuanDAN2393
31Pham Xuan DatHNO2210
32WFMLe Thi Phuong LienQNI2143
33CMNguyen Hoang NamQDO2348
34Nguyen Hoai NamHNO2118
35FMDinh Duc TrongDAN2351
36Nguyen Manh TruongBRV2157
37Dang Duy LinhDAN2065
38Nguyen Sy HungBRV2047
39Dang The NamHNO2071
40Dong Bao NghiaBGI2106
41Phan Trong BinhBRV2062
42Hoang Minh HaoBGI2004
43Ngo HungKHO0
44Dao Thien BaoDTH0
45Le Cong CuongQDO0
46Nguyen Khuong DuyQDO0
47Pham Phuong DongNTR0
48Hoang Minh DucKHO0
49Nguyen Quang DucLDO0
50Bui Manh HungTHO1804
51Vu Dinh HungBGI2234
52Truong Anh KietCTH0
53Tran Gia KhangNTR0
54Phan Dinh Nhat KhanhLDO1968
55FMNguyen Anh KhoiHCM1916
56Ly Quoc LongCTH0
57Le Nhat MinhCTH1931
58FMLe Tuan MinhHNO2107
59FMTran Tuan MinhHNO2286
60Hoang Vu Trung NguyenHNO0
61Tran Ngo Thien PhuHCM1971
62Nguyen Dang Hong PhucHCM1774
63Nguyen Dang Trong PhucLDO0
64Pham Tan Anh QuanNTR0
65Nguyen Hoang QuyDTH0
66CMLe Thanh TaiHCM1869
67Nguyen Phuoc TamCTH2112
68CMLe Trong De ToanTHO1924
69Doan Thien ThanhBRV0
70Nguyen Duc ThanhNTR0
71Truong Tan ThanhHCM0
72Nguyen Chanh ThangKHO0
73Nguyen Huynh Minh ThienHNO0
74FMVuong Trung HieuQDO2008
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