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Khanzad Closed Individual Chess League 2020

Last update 04.10.2020 20:15:06, Creator/Last Upload: IRAQI Chess Federation

Starting rank list of players

1IMAl-Ali Hussein Ali Hussein4800192IRQ2262
2CMDidar Mohammed Zhaher Hassan4807359IRQ2137
3Chiya Mder Hamad4801296IRQ2046
4Nabeel Aziz Youkhana4806980IRQ1974
5Kardo Ako Mohammad12527513IRQ1925
6Dana Jamal Qadir4805925IRQ1858
10Mohammed Khaleel Majeed4808673IRQ1785
7Dlsoz Omer Sedeeq4805780IRQ1740
8Omiad Saber Abdullah4813154IRQ1689
9Pola Azad Saber4809653IRQ1683