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CZECH OPEN 2011 "DGT PROJECTS OPEN final A" - turnaj N open super blitz tournament

Last update 20.07.2011 14:26:19, Creator/Last Upload: czech republic licence 63

Starting rank list of players

3GMNavara DavidCZE2722SK Mahrla Praha
7GMStupak KirillBLR2530
5IMLooshnikov NikolaiRUS2512
4GMGutman GennadiUKR2501
1GMBryzgalin KirillRUS2469
8FMGorovets AndreyBLR2417
9IMPlat VojtechCZE2410TZ Trinec
6IMKireev AlekseiRUS2360
10Jezbera JiriCZE2165TJ Slavia Hradec Kralove
2Popov MikhailRUS2065