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Inaugural National Chess Championship of Maldives

Last update 18.07.2011 09:33:17, Creator/Last Upload: maldives chess federation

Starting rank

1Abdul Rahaman AliMDV1912
2Abdullah IbrahimMDV1851
3Ahmed FuadMDV1824
4Hassan SamirMDV1818
5Ahmed AshrafMDV1798
6Mohamed HassanMDV1790
7Abdul Muhsin YoosufMDV0
8Abdul Rahman NusraMDV0
9Abdulla MufeedhMDV0
10Adam NasihMDV0
11Ahmed Mizann RashidMDV0
12Ahmed Munsifa AdhilMDV0
13Ahmed NaeemMDV0
14Ahmed SaeedMDV0
15Hassan NasihMDV0
16Hussain NimalMDV0
17Hussain VishaauMDV0
18Ibrahim ZaheenMDV0
19Massood MohamedMDV0
20Mohamed Aftan SmileMDV0
21Mohamed HameedMDV0
22Mohamed Sajiu IsmailMDV0
23Mohamed ShahudhaMDV0
24Nashid NuzhaMDV0
25Shamoon AhmedMDV0