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esfahan chess championship - boys - u14 esfahan chess Provinc - Iran

Last update 01.07.2011 10:40:07, Creator/Last Upload: Iran Chess Federation


Round 1
120Naderzadeh Pouya1 - 0Karimi Amir Hossein07
230salehipoor Mohamad½ - ½Karimi AmirMohamad06
340Firoozeh Mehdi0 - 1Badkoubi Amirhossein19625
411846Azali Ashkan0bye0-1
Round 2
160Karimi AmirMohamad1 - 0Firoozeh Mehdi04
270Karimi Amir Hossein1 - 0salehipoor Mohamad03
311846Azali Ashkan1 - 0Naderzadeh Pouya02
451962Badkoubi Amirhossein0bye0-1
Round 3
130salehipoor Mohamad0 - 1Azali Ashkan18461
240Firoozeh Mehdi0 - 1Karimi Amir Hossein07
351962Badkoubi Amirhossein1 - 0Karimi AmirMohamad06
420Naderzadeh Pouya0bye0-1
Round 4
170Karimi Amir Hossein0 - 1Badkoubi Amirhossein19625
211846Azali Ashkan1 - 0Firoozeh Mehdi04
320Naderzadeh Pouya1 - 0salehipoor Mohamad03
460Karimi AmirMohamad0bye0-1
Round 5
140Firoozeh Mehdi0 - 1Naderzadeh Pouya02
251962Badkoubi Amirhossein1 - 0Azali Ashkan18461
360Karimi AmirMohamad0 - 1Karimi Amir Hossein07
430salehipoor Mohamad0bye0-1
Round 6
111846Azali Ashkan1 - 0Karimi AmirMohamad06
220Naderzadeh Pouya0 - 1Badkoubi Amirhossein19625
330salehipoor Mohamad1 - 0Firoozeh Mehdi04
470Karimi Amir Hossein0bye0-1
Round 7
151962Badkoubi Amirhossein1 - 0salehipoor Mohamad03
260Karimi AmirMohamad- - +Naderzadeh Pouya02
370Karimi Amir Hossein0 - 1Azali Ashkan18461
440Firoozeh Mehdi0bye0-1
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