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Final Ranking crosstable after 7 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Giannoulis Grigorios1315GRE 33b1 11w1 15b1 10w1 2b½ 6w1 4b16,50,028,526,5
2Palaiologou Apostolos1262GRE 26b1 13w1 5b1 7w1 1w½ 4b½ 8w16,00,032,525,5
3Pitsakis Ilias1139GRE 17b1 12w1 10b0 11w1 8w½ 16b1 14w15,50,026,521,5
4Vrailas Marios1421GRE 35b1 8w1 7b½ 5w1 10b1 2w½ 1w05,00,031,523,5
5Samaras Vasileios1345GRE 19w1 16b1 2w0 4b0 22b1 13w1 12w15,00,029,019,0
6Karadimas Athanasios830GRE 14b1 7w0 23b1 28w1 20b1 1b0 11w15,00,027,020,0
7Aretoulakis Sotirios Paris1184GRE 29w1 6b1 4w½ 2b0 9w1 8b0 16w14,50,030,519,5
8Dervishi Claudio1068GRE 32b1 4b0 30w1 12w1 3b½ 7w1 2b04,50,028,019,5
9Armaos Michail1120GRE 30b1 28w1 20b0 13w½ 7b0 17w1 18b14,50,023,518,0
10Mylonakis Ioannis1266GRE 22w1 18b1 3w1 1b0 4w0 11b0 21w14,00,030,019,0
11Nikolopoulos Antonios1067GRE 36w+ 1b0 25w1 3b0 24w1 10w1 6b04,00,030,017,0
12Yfantis Evangelos1010GRE 24w1 3b0 27w1 8b0 21w1 15w1 5b04,00,028,017,0
13Kakkavou Eirini Aristea1012GRE 27w1 2b0 31w1 9b½ 16w½ 5b0 24w14,00,027,016,5
14Zavrakidis Nikolaos0GRE 6w0 29b1 18w0 25b1 19w1 20w+ 3b04,00,026,015,0
15Kollia Evgenia1128GRE 21w1 25b1 1w0 16b0 29w1 12b0 22w14,00,025,017,0
16Triantafyllakis Dimitrios1042GRE 31b1 5w0 17b1 15w1 13b½ 3w0 7b03,50,028,517,5
17Koraki Eirini0GRE 3w0 24b1 16w0 27b1 18w½ 9b0 30b13,50,025,012,5
18Perakakis Panagiotis1011GRE 23b1 10w0 14b1 20w0 17b½ 29w1 9w03,50,024,515,5
19Danezis Prodromos0GRE 5b0 32w1 28b½ 22w0 14b0 33w1 23b13,50,018,511,5
20Papadopoulos Prodromos Na1069GRE 25w0 21b1 9w1 18b1 6w0 14b- -03,00,027,515,0
21Kyrilis Ioannis - Marios0GRE 15b0 20w0 33b1 23w1 12b0 27w1 10b03,00,023,011,0
22Giakamozis Apostolos0GRE 10b0 23w0 32b1 19b1 5w0 31w1 15b03,00,022,511,0
23Venardos Ioannis0GRE 18w0 22b1 6w0 21b0 32w1 26b1 19w03,00,022,011,0
Virlos Konstantinos - Theodoros0GRE 12b0 17w0 26b1 30w1 11b0 28w1 13b03,00,022,011,0
25Papadopoulos Vasileios Nikaia0GRE 20b1 15w0 11b0 14w0 31b0 34w1 29b13,00,022,010,0
26Giannakopoulou Sotiria0GRE 2w0 27b0 24w0 34b1 28b1 23w0 31b13,00,022,08,0
27Stavliotis Konstantinos0GRE 13b0 26w1 12b0 17w0 30b1 21b0 35w13,00,020,510,0
28Zavrakidis Lazaros0GRE -1 9b0 19w½ 6b0 26w0 24b0 33w12,50,023,010,5
29Komninos Stavros0GRE 7b0 14w0 35b1 31w1 15b0 18b0 25w02,00,021,59,0
30Meletis Christos0GRE 9w0 35w1 8b0 24b0 27w0 32b1 17w02,00,020,58,0
31Sirmaister Michail Dimitrios0GRE 16w0 33w1 13b0 29b0 25w1 22b0 26w02,00,019,59,0
32Samiotis - Xrysikos Alexios0GRE 8w0 19b0 22w0 -1 23b0 30w0 34b½1,50,020,54,5
33Giakamozi Rodanthi0GRE 1w0 31b0 21w0 35w½ -1 19b0 28b01,50,019,55,0
34Etmektzoglou Efthimios0GRE -0 -0 -0 26w0 35b1 25b0 32w½1,50,018,53,5
35Danezi Maria0GRE 4w0 30b0 29w0 33b½ 34w0 -1 27b01,50,017,04,0
36Sdonas Panagiotis0GRE 11b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,017,50,0

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Fide Tie-Break

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