Hart House Reading Week 2020 U1600

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Starting rank

1Moore Jonathan2639262CAN1582On (Toronto)
2Li Justin2620871CAN1569On (Scarborough)
3Sowrirajan Sowjanya5059364CAN1556On (Toronto)
4Wing Richard2621355CAN1535On (Toronto)
5Parakin Don2634759CAN1510On (Richmond Hill)
6Metcalfe Drew2622548CAN1501On (Ottawa)
7Yeung Micka6002412HKG1488
8Gaffney KevinCAN1474On (Toronto)
9Nixon DaveCAN1465On (Etobicoke)
10Mesiti Silvano2628678CAN1456On (Toronto)
11Sztuka Jeremy2629089CAN1455On (Smith Falls)
12Lin Ethan2635755CAN1453On (Vaughan)
13Singh Anya2635607CAN1452On (Markham)
14Zhang DanielCAN1451On (Richmond Hill)
15Brown John R.2613492CAN1447On (Brampton)
16Schyngera Eli2635763CAN1443On (Toronto)
17Dixon JavierCAN1431On (Toronto)
18Zhong April Yunwei2635658CAN1428On (North York)
19Vu HenryCAN1404On (Toronto)
20Kurkowski Ken2613719CAN1400On (Toronto)
21Velasquez NoahCAN1398On (Toronto)
22Lee Ji Won2631806CAN1390On (Vaughan)
23Barmasch OswaldCAN1368On (Thornhill)
24Zhong Ryan Yunhui2635860CAN1366On (North York)
25Gaisinsky Jacob2621622CAN1363On (Windsor)
26Jones BlakeCAN1344On (Toronto)
27Mane Arnav2632705CAN1344On (Richmond Hill)
28Odoemelam DanielCAN1341On (Scarborough)
29Dixit MohanCAN1340On (Markham)
30Lyall David G.CAN1340On (Toronto)
31Gillis Doug2604361CAN1319On (Aurora)
32Herbert CameronCAN1310On (Woodbridge)
33Cheng AdamCAN1267On (Mississauga)
34Bercovici Mark2635747CAN1256On (Toronto)
35Dattani Dinesh2611333CAN1226On (North York)
36Huang Ivan2637715CAN1222On (Richmond Hill)
37Huang Justin2638240CAN1218On (Richmond Hill)
38Zhuang Jeffrey2639106CAN1210On (Richmond Hill)
39Chocina Adam2636069CAN1203On (Oakville)
40Cao RuonanCAN0
41Chipeev MaximCAN0
42Dhalla HassanCAN0
43Demchenko AndriiCAN945On (Ottawa)
44Souchko LarissaCAN839On (Etobicoke)
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