I Brzopotezni turnir SK "Buducnost" 2020

Organizer(s)SK "Buducnost"
FederationMontenegro ( MNE )
Tournament directorKorac Dusan
Chief ArbiterIA Popovic, Mladen 906069
Time control3 min. + 2 sec.
Rating calculationRating international
Pairing programSwiss-Manager from Heinz HerzogSwiss-Manager tournamentfile

Last update 15.02.2020 13:23:25, Creator/Last Upload: montenegro chess federation

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Board PairingsRd.1, Rd.2, Rd.3, Rd.4, Rd.5, Rd.6, Rd.7, Rd.8, Rd.9/9 , not paired
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Starting rank crosstable

No.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts.Rk. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
1FMTomic Aleksandar2423MNE 10b1 8w1 3b0 4w1 9b0 11w1 7b1 5w1 2w06,0445,049,532,00,06
2FMSukovic Andrej2358MNE 11w0 15b0 17w1 8w½ 13b1 4w1 6b1 3w1 1b16,5341,041,025,00,06
3IMPodlesnik Bogdan2266MNE 12b1 14w1 1w1 7b1 5w½ 9w1 8b0 2b0 6w16,5243,546,537,50,06
4Kisic Bozidar2187MNE 13w1 7b½ 9w1 1b0 8w0 2b0 18w1 11b0 17w14,51242,542,524,00,04
5Alivodic Dario2177MNE 14b0 16w1 12b1 10w1 3b½ 7w1 9b0 1b0 11w04,51142,543,527,50,04
6Djurovic Peko2172MNE 15w1 9b0 7w0 18b1 14w1 8b0 2w0 16b1 3b04,01441,542,522,00,04
7FMDjukanovic Sreten2150MNE 16b1 4w½ 6b1 3w0 10b1 5b0 1w0 13b1 8w½5,0740,541,527,50,04
8Vujovic Savo2143MNE 17w1 1b0 13w½ 2b½ 4b1 6w1 3w1 9b0 7b½5,5544,044,028,00,04
9CMVujacic Igor2109MNE 18b1 6w1 4b0 11w1 1w1 3b0 5w1 8w1 15b17,0141,044,034,00,07
10Abramovic Dragoljub2090MNE 1w0 11b1 15w1 5b0 7w0 14b1 12w0 17b1 18w15,0836,536,522,01,05
11Nenezic Danilo2087MNE 2b1 10w0 14b1 9b0 12w1 1b0 15w0 4w1 5b15,0643,546,524,00,05
12Pobor Danilo1989MNE 3w0 17b1 5w0 13b1 11b0 18w1 10b1 15w0 16w15,01034,534,522,00,05
13Markovic Momir1935MNE 4b0 18w1 8b½ 12w0 2w0 16b1 17b1 7w0 14b14,51333,533,519,50,04
14Koljevic Nikolina1862MNE 5w1 3b0 11w0 15b1 6b0 10w0 16w1 18b0 13w03,01537,538,518,00,03
15Popovic Mateja1604MNE 6b0 2w1 10b0 14w0 16b1 17w1 11b1 12b1 9w05,0936,536,522,00,05
16Ivanovic Mijo1236MNE 7w0 5b0 18w0 17b1 15w0 13w0 14b0 6w0 12b01,01734,034,06,00,01
17Drasler Luka1178MNE 8b0 12w0 2b0 16w0 18b0 15b0 13w0 10w0 4b00,01839,040,00,00,00
18Djurovic Marko0MNE 9w0 13b0 16b1 6w0 17w1 12b0 4b0 14w1 10b03,01634,034,014,00,03

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Fide Tie-Break
Tie Break4: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break5: The greater number of victories (variable)