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49th National Challengers (National B) Chess Championship 2011

Last update 26.06.2011 13:47:41, Creator/Last Upload: all india chess federation

Final Ranking crosstable after 13 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.Rd11.Rd12.Rd13.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1IMKulkarni Vikramaditya2406IND115w1 36b1 22w1 42b1 6w½ 76w1 5b½ 2w½ 38b1 8b1 13w0 7w½ 15b½9,5103,596,594,0
2IMShyam Nikil P2412IND 92w1 64b½ 90w1 23b1 57w1 9b½ 11w½ 1b½ 14w½ 37w1 56b1 13b½ 4w½9,5101,094,091,5
3IMThejkumar M S2451IND237b+ 43w0122b1 89w1 37b½ 45w½ 58b1 57w½ 18b1 14w½ 17b1 5w½ 13b19,597,090,588,0
4IMVenkatesh M R2463IND137b0140w1 81b0128w1 71b1 89w1130b1 69w1 39b½ 5w1 10b½ 22w1 2b½9,592,586,583,0
5IMSwapnil S Dhopade2425IND135w1 67b1 56w1 57b½ 20w1 8b1 1w½ 6b1 9w½ 4b0 11w½ 3b½ 12w½9,0104,096,594,5
6IMAshwin Jayaram2439IND132b1 52w1 27b1 45w1 1b½ 10w½ 25b½ 5w0 30b1 38w½ 14b½ 56w1 11b½9,0102,595,093,0
7IMKarthikeyan P2379IND157w1 80b1 78w½ 49b1 18w½ 56b½ 23w1 14b½ 8w½ 41b½ 25w1 1b½ 9w½9,099,592,590,0
8Udeshi Aditya2362IND174b1 89w1130b1 82w½ 43b1 5w0 18b1 37w1 7b½ 1w0 12b½ 38w1 10b½9,099,092,089,5
9IMSharma Dinesh K2348IND121b1 63w1 58b½ 81w1 82b1 2w½ 10b½ 60w1 5b½ 56w½ 19b½ 15w½ 7b½9,098,091,088,5
10IMLahiri Atanu2368IND181w1110b1 77w1 18b½109w1 6b½ 9w½ 38b0 95w1 21b1 4w½ 11b½ 8w½9,097,591,088,0
11IMSangma Rahul2367IND149b1 75w½114b1 59w½ 58b1 61w1 2b½ 56w½ 19b½ 39w1 5b½ 10w½ 6w½9,097,090,587,5
12IMShyam Sundar M2457IND122w1 41b½ 29w½ 80b½113w1 59b½109w1 31b½ 25w1 20b½ 8w½ 19w1 5b½9,096,089,587,0
13IMHimanshu Sharma2414IND134w1 65b1 18w0 21b0171w1 72b1 84w½ 77b1 78w1 29b1 1b1 2w½ 3w09,095,589,586,0
14IMNarayanan Srinath2337IND144w1 66b0135w1131b1 53w1 60b½ 77w1 7w½ 2b½ 3b½ 6w½ 37b½ 44w19,094,588,585,0
15IMSuvrajit Saha2370IND124w1 72b1109w½ 78b½ 77w0 55b½110w½ 63b1 53w1 45b1 41w1 9b½ 1w½9,092,586,083,0
16IMRathnakaran K2414IND 71b½117w1 43b0 92w1 39b½ 98w1 45b1 46w1 56b0 61w½ 59b1 27w½ 42b19,092,585,584,0
17G Akash2211IND220w1 26b½ 24w½180b1 56w0113b½132w1 23b1 49w1 40b1 3w0 20b½ 51w19,092,086,583,0
18FMGirish A Koushik2288IND148b1195w1 13b1 10w½ 7b½ 19w½ 8w0 64b1 3w0 90b1112w1 40b½ 24w½8,597,591,088,5
19IMSaptarshi Roy2377IND160w½ 86b1 64w1 73b½ 78w1 18b½ 29w1 25b½ 11w½ 65b1 9w½ 12b0 23w½8,597,590,588,5
20WGMPadmini Rout2342IND116b1 50w1221b1 43w½ 5b0 44w1 37b0 67w1 60b1 12w½ 38b½ 17w½ 22b½8,597,090,588,0
21Ravi Teja S2166IND197b1 28w0162b1 13w1 30b½ 22w½103b1 33w½ 57b1 10w0 42b½ 25w½ 76b18,595,590,086,5
22FMGhosh Diptayan2273IND128b1 94w1 1b0 93w1 48w½ 21b½ 86w½ 85b½ 83w1 26b1 34w1 4b0 20w½8,595,589,086,0
23IMKoshy Varugeese2320IND147b1100w½ 75b1 2w0114b1 63w1 7b0 17w0 62b½ 87w1 50b1 39w1 19b½8,595,088,585,5
24IMPalit Somak2372IND136b1 68w½ 17b½ 50w1 45b½ 43w1 46b½ 39w0 44b0 96w1 52b1 82w1 18b½8,595,088,086,0
25Krishna C R G2322IND127w½166b1 87w1 79b½ 84w1 67b1 6w½ 19w½ 12b0 52w1 7b0 21b½ 59w18,594,588,085,5
26IMKonguvel Ponnuswamy2402IND112b1 17w½ 68b½ 63w½ 62b0 97w1111b½ 50w1 43b1 22w0 60b1 45w1 27b½8,593,587,084,5
27IMBabu N Sudhakar2317IND139w1131b1 6w0102b½ 66w½ 70b½ 63w½104b1 80w1 44b½ 36w1 16b½ 26w½8,592,586,583,5
28IMMurali Krishnan B T2363IND143w1 21b1 37w0 70b1 95w1 38b0 65w½ 84b1 41w0109b1 61w1 29b½ 30w½8,592,586,084,0
29IMDeshmukh Anup2283IND119b½ 97w1 12b½195w1 88b½ 85w1 19b0 62w1 48b1 13w0111b1 28w½ 32b½8,592,586,083,5
30Shashikant Kutwal2287IND163w1 87b½104w1 76b½ 21w½ 62b½131w1 40b½ 6w0 64b½ 55w1 48w1 28b½8,592,086,083,0
31IMVishnu Prasanna V2355IND227b1 39w1 45b0 96w1 60b0 50w1 54b1 12w½ 37b0 58w0114b1 88w1 67b18,592,085,583,0
32Abhishek Das2346IND107w1 70b1 66w1 37b½ 40w½ 77b½ 60w0 65b0155w1 95b1 44w½ 41b1 29w½8,591,584,583,0
33IMPraveen Kumar C2358IND231w1 55b1 79w½109b0110w1 41b½ 36w1 21b½ 65w0 77b1 37w0 90b1 61w18,590,083,581,5
34IMAnwesh Upadhyaya2432IND142w1 53b1 42w0110b½ 72w½ 39b0160w1 94w1 58b½130w1 22b0 64b1 37w18,589,583,581,0
35Swayams Mishra2370IND 83b1 88w1 59b½ 58w½ 79b½ 54w½ 67b½ 44w½ 68b½ 60w½ 63b½ 89w1 62b18,589,582,581,5
36Anurag Mhamal2198IND145b1 1w0121b0200w1227b1137w1 33b0 93w1 69b1 42w½ 27b0103w1 56b18,587,582,078,0
37Singh S Vikramjit2248IND175b1106w1 28b1 32w½ 3w½ 40b½ 20w1 8b0 31w1 2b0 33b1 14w½ 34b08,0102,595,593,0
38Syed Anwar Shazuli2282IND 97b½119w½ 71b1 94w1125b1 28w1 48b½ 10w1 1w0 6b½ 20w½ 8b0 40w½8,097,591,088,0
39Narayanan S L2167IND216w1 31b0118w½127b1 16w½ 34w1 42b1 24b1 4w½ 11b0 49w½ 23b0 78w18,097,591,088,0
40Stany G A2407IND171b1 44w1 61b½ 46w1 32b½ 37w½ 57b½ 30w½ 59b1 17w0 58b½ 18w½ 38b½8,096,589,087,5
41Nimmy A G2222IND191b1 12w½226b½106w½111b1 33w½ 76b1 48w½ 28b1 7w½ 15b0 32w0100b18,095,088,586,0
42Saravana Krishnan P2300IND209w1120b1 34b1 1w0 67w0 66b1 39w0 96b1110w1 36b½ 21w½ 65b1 16w08,094,588,085,0
43Shailendra K Bajpai2219IND167w1 3b1 16w1 20b½ 8w0 24b0 91w1 47b½ 26w0132b0134w1 87b1 83w18,093,587,584,5
44FMGagare Shardul2212IND168w1 40b0124w1101b½115w1 20b0113w1 35b½ 24w1 27w½ 32b½ 57w1 14b08,093,587,084,5
45Jaiswal Puneet2262IND169w1153b1 31w1 6b0 24w½ 3b½ 16w0133b1156w1 15w0116b1 26b0 80w18,092,086,583,0
46FMRajesh V A V2291IND184w1 91b1 76w½ 40b0102w1 64b1 24w½ 16b0 70w½ 74b½ 80w½ 72b1 47w½8,091,584,582,5
47IMGirinath P D S2377IND129b1 74w1 73b½ 61w½ 59b½ 79w1 56b0 43w½ 52b0 88w1 54b½ 68w1 46b½8,091,084,083,0
48IMSaravanan V2423IND117b½ 71w½132b1 98w1 22b½ 82w1 38w½ 41b½ 29w0112b½ 79w1 30b0 84w18,090,083,581,5
49Shreyansh Daklia2298IND162b1 81w½111b1 7w0 85b0 92w1195b1 74w1 17b0 68w1 39b½ 62w½ 54b½8,090,083,581,0
50Sinha S K2122IND101w1 20b0159w1 24b0107w1 31b0144w1 26b0163w1156b1 23w0105b1 79w18,087,582,079,0
51Tiwari Arjun2354IND238b+ 98w1 82b0 62w½ 63b0134b1 55w1 95b0 66w½131b1 84w1 58w1 17b08,087,081,078,0
52Mohammad Nubairshah Shaikh2217IND202w1 6b0115w0105b1 83w½118b1133w½142b1 47w1 25b0 24w0132b1102w18,086,080,077,0
53Deepak Katiyar2218IND213b1 34w0136b1227w1 14b0 94w0176b1 81w1 15b0 93w½ 71b½106w1 85b18,085,580,076,5
54WGMKiran Manisha Mohanty2214IND185w1 76b0157w½118b1101w1 35b½ 31w0 83b0136w1134b1 47w½ 93b1 49w½8,085,079,576,5
55Karthikeyan Murali2154IND201b1 33w0141b0169w1116b1 15w½ 51b0146w1117b1 73w½ 30b0143w1 82b18,084,579,075,5
56Ram S Krishnan2293IND141b1 85w1 5b0100w1 17b1 7w½ 47w1 11b½ 16w1 9b½ 2w0 6b0 36w07,5102,596,093,0
57IMSingh D P2327IND126b1 96w1 60b1 5w½ 2b0 88w1 40w½ 3b½ 21w0 67b1 65w½ 44b0 74w½7,596,089,086,5
58Hemant Sharma (del)2247IND140w1150b1 9w½ 35b½ 11w0 87b1 3w0101b1 34w½ 31b1 40w½ 51b0 66w½7,595,589,586,5
59Arindam Mukherjee2271IND105w1180b1 35w½ 11b½ 47w½ 12w½ 68b½ 86b1 40w0 70b1 16w0111w1 25b07,595,589,086,5
60Gusain Himal2224IND152w1211b1 57w0133b1 31w1 14w½ 32b1 9b0 20w0 35b½ 26w0120b½125w17,593,087,084,0
61FMPrasenjit Datta2283IND170w1125b1 40w½ 47b½120w1 11b0 62w½ 70b½ 85w1 16b½ 28b0 63w1 33b07,593,086,584,0
62Patil Pratik2097IND166w½155b½156w1 51b½ 26w1 30w½ 61b½ 29b0 23w½ 99b1 73w1 49b½ 35w07,592,587,084,0
63Mohammad Ashraf2128IND228w1 9b0139w1 26b½ 51w1 23b0 27b½ 15w0142w1 83b1 35w½ 61b0112w17,592,586,583,5
64Shreyans K Shah2211IND204b1 2w½ 19b0119w1106b1 46w0117b1 18w0138b1 30w½ 69b½ 34w0111b17,591,585,582,0
65Abhishek Kelkar2211IND183b1 13w0227b0146w1174b1 93w1 28b½ 32w1 33b1 19w0 57b½ 42w0 69b½7,590,084,581,0
66Akash Pc Iyer2094IND186b1 14w1 32b0 69w½ 27b½ 42w0162b1103w½ 51b½ 76w½130b½116w1 58b½7,589,584,080,5
67Kathmale Sameer2213IND210b1 5w0174b1141w1 42b1 25w0 35w½ 20b0135w1 57w0 92b1112b1 31w07,589,584,080,5
68Suresh Kumar T J2190IND205w1 24b½ 26w½115b½ 86w½156b1 59w½ 99b½ 35w½ 49b0 91w1 47b0120w17,588,583,080,0
69Ankit R Rajpara2353IND118w1104b½102w½ 66b½ 91w1109b½ 90w1 4b0 36w0 85b1 64w½ 80b½ 65w½7,588,582,079,0
70Mithil Ajgaonkar2104IND232b1 32w0148b1 28w0126b1 27w½ 82b1 61w½ 46b½ 59w0 76b0157w1117b17,587,081,578,5
71Hetul Shah1953IND 16w½ 48b½ 38w0167b1 4w0105b½170w1155b0183w1139b1 53w½110b1 77w½7,586,581,577,0
72Joydev Saha2180IND208b1 15w0126b1226w½ 34b½ 13w0116b1112w0143b1 92w½158b1 46w0113w17,586,080,577,0
73Praveen Prasad P2274IND156w1133b1 47w½ 19w½ 76b0131b0136w1 87b½ 91w1 55b½ 62b0117w1 75b½7,585,079,076,5
74CMPrince Bajaj2198IND151w1 47b0181w1113b0143w1180b1 99w½ 49b0115w1 46w½103b½ 76w½ 57b½7,582,577,574,5
75Manishi Krishna2181IND164w1 11b½ 23w0157b½181w1 86b0 83w0165b1124w0159b1136w1133b1 73w½7,579,574,070,5
76IMRamnath Bhuvanesh R2425IND176b1 54w1 46b½ 30w½ 73w1 1b0 41w0110b0160w1 66b½ 70w1 74b½ 21w07,092,587,083,0
77IMShetty Rahul2261IND158b1203w1 10b0138w1 15b1 32w½ 14b0 13w0195b1 33w0117b0115w1 71b½7,091,586,082,5
78IMRamnathan Balasubramaniam2269IND146b1 93w1 7b½ 15w½ 19b0100w1 94b½ 88w1 13b0111w0 81b½138w1 39b07,091,085,082,0
79Anilkumar O T2242IND199b1137w1 33b½ 25w½ 35w½ 47b0 81b½111w0126b1100w1 48b0 94w1 50b07,089,583,581,0
80Sidhant Mohapatra2184IND192b1 7w0116b1 12w½226b½117w½112b½137w1 27b0 94w1 46b½ 69w½ 45b07,089,583,580,5
81Ganesh Babu S2083IND230w1 49b½ 4w1 9b0 99w½ 95b½ 79w½ 53b0105w½107b1 78w½ 84b0144w17,089,583,580,0
82FMRamakrishna J2260IND154w1159b1 51w1 8b½ 9w0 48b0 70w0171b1 87w½101b1132w1 24b0 55w07,089,083,580,0
83Shweta Gole1925IND 35w0182b1 84w0168b1 52b½114w½ 75b1 54w1 22b0 63w0 96b1109w1 43b07,088,583,080,0
84Haribalu V2215IND198b½123w½ 83b1121w1 25b0125w1 13b½ 28w0 94b½122w1 51b0 81w1 48b07,088,582,079,5
85Thanki Hemal Karsanji2082IND190w1 56b0200w1 99b½ 49w1 29b0221b1 22w½ 61b0 69w0 97b1130w+ 53w07,087,082,078,5
86Padhya Saumil1980IND226b½ 19w0108b1187w1 68b½ 75w1 22b½ 59w0130b0119w0175b1128w1 89b½7,086,080,577,5
87Joshua A P2048IND218b1 30w½ 25b0186w1130b½ 58w0158b1 73w½ 82b½ 23b0141w1 43w0147b17,085,080,076,5
88Navalgund Niranjan2188IND182w1 35b0143w1211b1 29w½ 57b0135w1 78b0139w1 47b0113w1 31b0101w½7,084,579,576,0
89Venkata Ramana J2175IND193w1 8b0153w1 3b0142w1 4b0181w1156b0118w1124b½115w1 35b0 86w½7,084,579,575,0
90Mallick Anjan2189IND196b½161w1 2b0112w1 97b½176w1 69b0138w½113b1 18w0119b1 33w0 93w½7,084,579,075,0
91Raghavendra V2066IND173b1 46w0123b1130w½ 69b0129w1 43b0121w1 73b0126w1 68b0149w1103b½7,084,578,576,5
92Rishi Sardana1947IND 2b0185w½196b1 16b0220w1 49b0105w½148w1123b1 72b½ 67w0158w1 98b½7,084,079,074,5
93Maulik Raval2042IND224w1 78b0164w1 22b0163w1 65b0140w1 36b0169w1 53b½109w1 54w0 90b½7,083,578,075,0
94Sumit Grover2047IND215w1 22b0202w1 38b0141w1 53b1 78w½ 34b0 84w½ 80b0156w1 79b0139w17,083,078,574,5
95FMMuralidharan M B2230IND123b½198w½171b1203w1 28b0 81w½106b1 51w1 10b0 32w0138b½100w0143b17,083,078,574,0
96WFMPujari Rucha2111IND225w1 57b0163w1 31b0144w1 99b0107w1 42w0162b1 24b0 83w0127b1142w17,083,077,574,5
97Anil Tiwari1817IND 38w½ 29b0194w1104b1 90w½ 26b0155w½132b½101w0180b1 85w0135b1133w17,082,577,574,0
98Singh Pritam2157IND165w1 51b0107w1 48b0121w1 16b0142w0209b0148w1105b½170w1124b1 92w½7,082,577,073,5
99Joshi G B2303IND178b1111w½100b½ 85w½ 81b½ 96w1 74b½ 68w½112b0 62w0124w1102b0132w17,082,576,575,0
100Jagadeesh A K2090IND223w1 23b½ 99w½ 56b0139w1 78b0163w½118b½144w1 79b0142w1 95b1 41w07,082,076,573,5
101K Vijaya Kanth2036IND 50b0199w1212b1 44w½ 54b0123w½167b1 58w0 97b1 82w0128b½126w1 88b½7,081,577,073,5
102Saxena Manav2088IND161b½196w1 69b½ 27w½ 46b0112w0123b½162w0154b1147w1118b1 99w1 52b07,081,576,073,0
103Matta Vinay Kumar2295IND159w0189b1134w1120b0157w1155b1 21w0 66b½131w½133b1 74w½ 36b0 91w½7,081,576,073,0
104Rawal Shailesh2121IND212b1 69w½ 30b0 97w0108b½148w1147b1 27w0116b0162w½169w1107b½134w17,081,075,572,5
105Rohan Ahuja1812IND 59b0188w½161b½ 52w0212b1 71w½ 92b½125w1 81b½ 98w½137b1 50w0138b17,080,576,072,5
106Yohan J2003IND172w1 37b0219w1 41b½ 64w0185b1 95w0139b0168w1141b½182w1 53b0140w17,077,072,069,0
107Satra Hardik1885IND 32b0201w1 98b0182w1 50b0210w1 96b0173w1114b½ 81w0198b1104w½131b17,076,572,068,0
108Piyush Manuja1801IND109w0207b½ 86w0194b1104w½136b0208w½161b0190w1196b1135w½180b1137b17,068,063,561,0
109FMDas Sayantan2268IND108b1138w1 15b½ 33w1 10b0 69w½ 12b0114w1111b½ 28w0 93b0 83b0156w16,591,585,582,5
110FMAwate Avinash S2168IND177b1 10w0147b1 34w½ 33b0115w1 15b½ 76w1 42b0116w0122b1 71w0118b½6,589,583,580,5
111Deepthamsh Reddy M2089IND194w1 99b½ 49w0220b1 41w0127b1 26w½ 79b1109w½ 78b1 29w0 59b0 64w06,587,582,079,0
112Akshat Chandra1940IND 26w0220b½151w1 90b0184w1102b1 80w½ 72b1 99w1 48w½ 18b0 67w0 63b06,587,081,578,5
113Roop Saurav1998IND214b1130w0179b1 74w1 12b0 17w½ 44b0141b1 90w0121w1 88b0119w1 72b06,586,581,077,5
114Negi V S2091IND155w½127b1 11w0184b1 23w0 83b½159w1109b0107w½182b1 31w0139b½116w½6,583,078,074,0
115Kevilekho Zumvu1941IND 1b0210w1 52b1 68w½ 44b0110b0185w1221w1 74b0175w1 89b0 77b0169w16,583,078,073,5
116Rajkumar S Singha1876IND 20w0228b1 80w0164b1 55w0168b1 72w0172b1104w1110b1 45w0 66b0114b½6,582,577,574,0
117Srikanth K1967IND 48w½ 16b0172w1166b½211w1 80b½ 64w0196b1 55w0170b1 77w1 73b0 70w06,582,077,573,0
118FMHarshal Shahi1894IND 69b0197w1 39b½ 54w0186b1 52w0128b1100w½ 89b0145w1102w0178b1110w½6,582,077,074,0
119Vivek M1829IND 29w½ 38b½155w1 64b0180w0122b½134w0151b1165w1 86b1 90w0113b0161w16,581,075,572,5
120Chakrabarty Debasis2082IND206b1 42w0158b1103w1 61b0130w0146b0159w0140b1184w1144b1 60w½ 68b06,578,573,570,5
121Nishant Malhotra1888IND 9w0165b1 36w1 84b0 98b0198w½220w1 91b0161w1113b0168w1125b0172b16,578,573,569,5
122Mughaho Sumi1985IND 12b0152w1 3w0140b0183b1119w½184w1163b½164w1 84b0110w0156b½145b16,577,572,568,5
123Pavit Singh1768IND 95w½ 84b½ 91w0160b1135w½101b½102w½134b½ 92w0181b1133w0129b½157w16,577,572,070,5
124Kathiravan M1926IND 15b0204w1 44b0213w1221b0158w0210b1152w1 75b1 89w½ 99b0 98w0164b16,577,073,068,0
125Yogesh Gautam2043IND188b1 61w0198b1221w1 38w0 84b0156w0105b0152b½166w1162b1121w1 60b06,576,572,068,5
126Lekh Mithawala1871IND 57w0225b1 72w0150b1 70w0165b½151w1180b1 79w0 91b0161w1101b0168w16,576,571,569,0
127Nishant Kumar1870IND 25b½114w0208b1 39w0187b1111w0145b1195w0199b1138w0197b1 96w0165b16,574,570,066,0
128Ponkshe Sarang1813IND 22w0215b0193w1 4b0205w1171b½118w0208b1180w½160b1101w½ 86b0176w16,573,569,564,0
129Umapathy S1938IND 47w0151b½220w0223b1196w1 91b0165w0183b0208w½193b1167b1123w½158b16,567,563,559,5
130IMGokhale Chandrashekhar2268IND200w1113b1 8w0 91b½ 87w½120b1 4w0131b½ 86w1 34b0 66w½ 85b- -06,089,083,079,5
131Pardeep Arora2090IND187b1 27w0146b1 14w0162b1 73w1 30b0130w½103b½ 51w0143b0141b1107w06,085,580,076,5
132Amardeep Tiwari1978IND 6w0167b1 48w0189b1185w½151b1 17b0 97w½146b1 43w1 82b0 52w0 99b06,085,080,076,0
133Teli Rajendra2042IND229b1 73w0177b1 60w0148b1221w½ 52b½ 45w0159b1103w0123b1 75w0 97b06,082,076,574,0
134Deepak Rai1961IND 13b0213w1103b0199w1145b½ 51w0119b1123w½167b1 54w0 43b0150w1104b06,080,576,071,5
135Madhusoodanan K R1971IND 5b0191w1 14b0175w1123b½145w1 88b0199w1 67b0158w0108b½ 97w0189b16,080,075,071,0
136Sekhawat Hussen1929IND 24w0205b1 53w0185b0182b1108w1 73b0140w1 54b0146w1 75b0145w0183b16,079,574,571,0
137Anand Naik B1992IND 4w1 79b0211w0154b1140w1 36b0172w1 80b0182w0163b1105w0148b1108w06,079,574,570,0
138Diwan Rajesh2024IND207w1109b0150w1 77b0170w½159b½152w1 90b½ 64w0127b1 95w½ 78b0105w06,078,072,570,5
139Rajesh Kumar Nath1855IND 27b0232w1 63b0212w1100b0177w½197b1106w1 88b0 71w0165b1114w½ 94b06,077,573,569,0
140Sharma Pankaj1791IND 58b0 4b0165w1122w1137b0149w1 93b0136b0120w0212w1203b1162w1106b06,077,573,068,0
141Madhurima Shekhar1840IND 56w0190b1 55w1 67b0 94b0173w½177b1113w0198b1106w½ 87b0131w0187b16,077,572,569,5
142Dev Krishnan1904IND 34b0177w0192b1183w1 89b0213w1 98b1 52w0 63b0167w1100b0187w1 96b06,077,572,569,0
143Rupesh Ranjan1918IND 28b0192w1 88b0210w1 74b0199w0204b1213w1 72w0164b1131w1 55b0 95w06,075,071,066,5
144Singh Jagpreet1874IND 14b0212w0197b1177w1 96b0161w1 50b0214w1100b0150w1120w0166b1 81b06,075,071,066,0
145Dalal Ashutosh1700IND 36w0181b0222w1153b1134w½135b0127w0184b½174w1118b0160w1136b1122w06,072,567,564,0
146Kumar Gaurav1808IND 78w0224b1131w0 65b0164w1157b1120w1 55b0132w0136b0180w0208b1186w16,072,068,064,0
147Singh Gursher1861IND 23w0223b1110w0215b1155w0166b1104w0164b0172w1102b0208w1182b1 87w06,072,068,063,5
148Kaushik Bhave1834IND 18w0217b1 70w0219b1133w0104b0205w1 92b0 98b0210w1179b1137w0188b16,071,567,563,0
149Sanjay Sindhia Mh1923IND 11w0164b0182w0188w1208b1140b0168w½220b1196w1155b0183w1 91b0152w½6,070,566,061,5
150Ch Raja Abhishek Reddy0IND234w+ 58w0138b0126w0158b0189b½178w½200b1153w1144b0159w1134b0184w16,070,065,062,5

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