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HL Men's 64. RUS Chmp. 2011

Last update 26.06.2011 16:13:10, Creator/Last Upload: makhnev vladimir (russia, kimry)

Final Ranking crosstable after 11 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.Rd11.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMMorozevich Alexander2694RUS 40w1 20b½ 54w½ 38b½ 19w½ 15b1 37w1 2b1 5w1 11b½ 3w½8,063,047,55
2GMTimofeev Artyom2665RUS 21b½ 27w1 29b½ 55w1 3b½ 18w1 5b1 1w0 7w1 9b½ 4w½7,566,547,05
3GMGalkin Alexander2598RUS 52w1 37b1 17w½ 4b½ 2w½ 7b½ 14w1 5b½ 13w½ 18w1 1b½7,566,047,04
4GMTomashevsky Evgeny2707RUS 39b½ 33w1 18b1 3w½ 26b½ 6w½ 8b½ 9w½ 10b½ 29w1 2b½7,065,543,53
5GMSjugirov Sanan2629RUS 58b1 56w1 26b1 9w½ 6b½ 17b1 2w0 3w½ 1b0 23w1 14b½7,065,048,05
6GMMatlakov Maxim2632RUS 27b½ 49w1 13w½ 24b1 5w½ 4b½ 19w½ 17b½ 28w1 8b½ 11w½7,063,543,53
7GMInarkiev Ernesto2679RUS 34b½ 25w1 8b0 49w1 54b½ 3w½ 21b1 26w1 2b0 10w½ 18b17,063,541,05
8GMVolkov Sergey2615RUS 50b1 10w½ 7w1 17b½ 14w½ 37b½ 4w½ 28b½ 27w1 6w½ 9b½7,063,044,53
9GMZvjaginsev Vadim2659RUS 35w1 55b½ 31w1 5b½ 37w½ 13b½ 17w½ 4b½ 30w1 2w½ 8w½7,062,044,53
10GMGrachev Boris2669RUS 24w1 8b½ 32w½ 30b½ 20w½ 38b½ 27w½ 31b1 4w½ 7b½ 19w17,061,041,03
11GMRublevsky Sergei2682RUS 32w0 43b½ 52w1 39b½ 40w1 20b½ 12w1 30b½ 24w1 1w½ 6b½7,060,039,54
12GMFedoseev Vladimir2506RUS 17w0 57b1 19w0 62b1 39w½ 25w1 11b0 38b½ 40w1 32b1 28b17,055,035,56
13GMVitiugov Nikita2733RUS 33b½ 39w1 6b½ 54w½ 34b1 9w½ 26b½ 18w½ 3b½ 14w½ 16b½6,562,541,52
14GMAlekseev Evgeny2673RUS 36b1 29w½ 55b½ 42w1 8b½ 26w½ 3b0 16w½ 22b1 13b½ 5w½6,561,541,53
15GMKornev Alexei2511RUS 16b½ 23w1 22b0 41w½ 42b1 1w0 33b½ 54w½ 39b1 25w½ 29b16,559,036,04
16GMKhairullin Ildar2649RUS 15w½ 31b0 27w½ 51b½ 44w1 21w½ 50b1 14b½ 19w½ 30b1 13w½6,557,535,03
17GMNajer Evgeniy2643RUS 12b1 42w1 3b½ 8w½ 28b1 5w0 9b½ 6w½ 18b0 21w½ 25b½6,066,042,53
18GMSavchenko Boris2630RUS 43w1 32b½ 4w0 31b1 30w1 2b0 20w1 13b½ 17w1 3b0 7w06,064,041,05
19GMLysyj Igor2629RUS 49b½ 21w½ 12b1 28w½ 1b½ 54w½ 6b½ 22w½ 16b½ 36w1 10b06,063,538,02
20GMRomanov Evgeny2624RUS 48b1 1w½ 28b½ 22w½ 10b½ 11w½ 18b0 21w½ 29b0 49w1 41b16,061,036,03
21GMLintchevski Daniil2543RUS 2w½ 19b½ 37w0 57b1 23w1 16b½ 7w0 20b½ 38w1 17b½ 22w½6,060,535,03
22GMPotkin Vladimir2682RUS 25b½ 34w½ 15w1 20b½ 38w½ 27b½ 24w½ 19b½ 14w0 42b1 21b½6,059,037,02
23GMKobalia Mikhail2679RUS 31w½ 15b0 36w1 34w½ 21b0 51b½ 35w1 33w1 26b1 5b0 24w½6,058,034,04
24GMKryakvin Dmitry2551RUS 10b0 50w1 56b1 6w0 29b½ 55w1 22b½ 37w1 11b0 28w½ 23b½6,057,036,54
25GMShomoev Anton2566RUS 22w½ 7b0 61w1 40b0 52w1 12b0 45w½ 51b1 35w1 15b½ 17w½6,057,032,54
26GMKurnosov Igor2633RUS 30w1 38b1 5w0 32b1 4w½ 14b½ 13w½ 7b0 23w0 31b½ 35w½5,562,039,53
27IMReshetnikov Alexey2487RUS 6w½ 2b0 16b½ 58w1 33b1 22w½ 10b½ 29w½ 8b0 41w½ 37b½5,561,534,02
28GMJakovenko Dmitry2732RUS 47w1 54b½ 20w½ 19b½ 17w0 32b1 38w1 8w½ 6b0 24b½ 12w05,561,038,53
29GMLanda Konstantin2613RUS 61w1 14b½ 2w½ 37b0 24w½ 35b½ 36w1 27b½ 20w1 4b0 15w05,560,037,03
30IMBukavshin Ivan2502RUS 26b0 45w1 46b1 10w½ 18b0 39w1 41b1 11w½ 9b0 16w0 34b½5,559,536,54
31GMEvdokimov Alexander A2561RUS 23b½ 16w1 9b0 18w0 46b½ 56w1 54b1 10w0 41b½ 26w½ 33b½5,559,033,03
32GMPapin Vasily2565RUS 11b1 18w½ 10b½ 26w0 41b½ 28w0 58b½ 49w1 37b1 12w0 36b½5,557,034,03
33GMBocharov Dmitry2580RUS 13w½ 4b0 43w1 35b½ 27w0 53b1 15w½ 23b0 45w½ 51b1 31w½5,557,031,03
34GMGrigoriants Sergey2562RUS 7w½ 22b½ 62w1 23b½ 13w0 41w0 47b½ 45b½ 44w1 38b½ 30w½5,556,032,52
35GMDanin Alexandre2534RUS 9b0 59w1 41b½ 33w½ 55b½ 29w½ 23b0 46w1 25b0 53w1 26b½5,554,031,53
36GMKosintseva Tatiana2559RUS 14w0 61b½ 23b0 59w½ 49b1 42w1 29b0 50w1 54b+ 19b0 32w½5,552,029,54
37GMKhismatullin Denis2656RUS 60b+ 3w0 21b1 29w1 9b½ 8w½ 1b0 24b0 32w0 40b½ 27w½5,063,036,03
38GMPonkratov Pavel2582RUS 45b1 26w0 58b1 1w½ 22b½ 10w½ 28b0 12w½ 21b0 34w½ 43b½5,060,534,02
39GMChadaev Nikolai2577RUS 4w½ 13b0 48w1 11w½ 12b½ 30b0 43w½ 44b½ 15w0 58b1 45w½5,059,529,02
40GMVorobiov Evgeny E2570RUS 1b0 48w½ 51b½ 25w1 11b0 58w½ 55b1 41w½ 12b0 37w½ 46b½5,056,029,02
41GMSakaev Konstantin2629RUS 44w½ 62b½ 35w½ 15b½ 32w½ 34b1 30w0 40b½ 31w½ 27b½ 20w05,055,533,01
42GMShimanov Aleksandr2583RUS 57w1 17b0 44w1 14b0 15w0 36b0 53w½ 43b1 47w1 22w0 48b½5,054,530,04
43IMGoganov Aleksey2480RUS 18b0 11w½ 33b0 61w½ 59b½ 52w1 39b½ 42w0 56b½ 50w1 38w½5,050,025,02
44GMBryzgalin Kirill2473RUS 41b½ 46w½ 42b0 50w½ 16b0 59w½ 56b1 39w½ 34b0 57w1 47w½5,049,527,02
45Mokshanov Alexey2393RUS 38w0 30b0 50b0 60w1 61b½ 57w1 25b½ 34w½ 33b½ 46w½ 39b½5,049,525,02
46GMLastin Alexander2617RUS 62w½ 44b½ 30w0 52b½ 31w½ 50w½ 49b½ 35b0 58w1 45b½ 40w½5,048,528,01
47GMZakhartsov Viacheslav V2578RUS 28b0 51w½ 49b0 56w1 50b0 48b1 34w½ 58w½ 42b0 59w1 44b½5,047,026,03
48IMAirapetian Gor2460RUS 20w0 40b½ 39b0 53w0 60b1 47w0 52b0 62w1 57b1 56w1 42w½5,046,521,54
49IMDiu Viacheslav2475RUS 19w½ 6b0 47w1 7b0 36w0 61b1 46w½ 32b0 52w1 20b0 55w½4,555,026,53
50Sek Konstantin2432RUS 8w0 24b0 45w1 44b½ 47w1 46b½ 16w0 36b0 53w½ 43b0 58w14,554,025,53
51IMSitnikov Dmitrij2463RUS 54b0 47b½ 40w½ 16w½ 53b½ 23w½ 59b½ 25w0 55b1 33w0 52b½4,552,526,01
52FMMikhailov Sergey2399RUS 3b0 60w1 11b0 46w½ 25b0 43b0 48w1 59w½ 49b0 61b1 51w½4,551,523,53
53GMYemelin Vasily2584RUS 56b0 58w0 59b½ 48b1 51w½ 33w0 42b½ 55w½ 50b½ 35b0 62w14,545,023,02
54GMKhalifman Alexander2627RUS 51w1 28w½ 1b½ 13b½ 7w½ 19b½ 31w0 15b½ 36w- -0 -04,061,533,01
55GMFrolyanov Dmitry2599RUS 59b1 9w½ 14w½ 2b0 35w½ 24b0 40w0 53b½ 51w0 60b½ 49b½4,054,527,51
56Musalov Ruslan2399RUS 53w1 5b0 24w0 47b0 62w1 31b0 44w0 60b1 43w½ 48b0 61w½4,049,524,03
57FMPolschikov Alexey2395RUS 42b0 12w0 60b1 21w0 58b0 45b0 62w1 61b1 48w0 44b0 59w14,046,519,04
58IMStukopin Andrey2471RUS 5w0 53b1 38w0 27b0 57w1 40b½ 32w½ 47b½ 46b0 39w0 50b03,552,024,52
59Rodin Dmitrij2404RUS 55w0 35b0 53w½ 36b½ 43w½ 44b½ 51w½ 52b½ 60w½ 47b0 57b03,547,021,00
60GMChuprov Dmitry2520RUS 37w- 52b0 57w0 45b0 48w0 62b1 61w½ 56w0 59b½ 55w½ -13,540,012,01
61GMBalashov Yuri S2426RUS 29b0 36w½ 25b0 43b½ 45w½ 49w0 60b½ 57w0 62b½ 52w0 56b½3,047,017,00
62IMShukh Nikolai2438RUS 46b½ 41w½ 34b0 12w0 56b0 60w0 57b0 48b0 61w½ -1 53b02,546,514,00

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Fide Tie-Break
Tie Break3: The greater number of victories