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Unileasing Open 2011, Rodenstock Open A

Last update 25.07.2011 23:40:22, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of the czech republic

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2 
1Svoboda Václav2286CZE 36b1 9w½ 7b1 28w1 5b1 6w1 2b½ 3w½ 4w½7,054,542,00
2Turner Jan2390CZE 69b1 8w1 17b½ 25w½ 39b1 18w1 1w½ 4b0 22w16,550,535,00
3FMVlasák Lukáš2308CZE 76b1 23w1 39b1 5w½ 18b½ 25w1 12b½ 1b½ 6w½6,550,034,25
4IMHausner Ivan2419CZE 38w1 32b1 18w0 9w½ 28b½ 47b1 29w1 2w1 1b½6,549,034,75
5Palek Miroslav2211GER 92w1 48b1 13w1 3b½ 1w0 20b½ 21w1 25w1 7b½6,548,532,50
6FMKubecka David2226CZE 56w½ 90b1 62w1 16w1 11b1 1b0 10w½ 12w1 3b½6,547,532,25
7Riška Lubomír2218CZE 89w½ 56b1 1w0 41b1 33w1 31b1 14w½ 10b1 5w½6,547,032,50
8Straka Vojtěch2200CZE 95w1 2b0 57w½ 62b1 40w1 21b½ 24w1 14b½ 16w16,543,028,75
9Routner Jakub2056CZE 65w1 1b½ 15w1 4b½ 21w½ 14b0 33w+ 17w½ 39b16,050,031,75
10Kopta Pavel2291CZE 53w1 49b1 11w½ 19b½ 29w1 12w½ 6b½ 7w0 28b16,049,531,00
11IMNeuman Petr2454CZE 51b1 35w1 10b½ 17w½ 6w0 52b1 19w½ 26b1 14w½6,049,031,00
12IMJuřek Josef2324CZE 73w1 66b1 19w½ 18b½ 24w1 10b½ 3w½ 6b0 29w16,048,530,25
13Erneker Josef2301CZE 60b1 42w1 5b0 30w½ 23b0 36w1 49b½ 40w1 18b16,044,528,25
14FMKozák Miloš2232CZE 61b½ 83w½ 76b½ 51w1 60b1 9w1 7b½ 8w½ 11b½6,043,528,75
15Jančarík Joel2251CZE 45b1 40w½ 9b0 59w1 30b0 76w1 41b½ 42w1 34b16,040,525,50
16FMŠimek Petr2307CZE 22w1 47b½ 33w1 6b0 32w1 19b½ 23w1 18w½ 8b05,549,528,75
17Maršálek Zdeněk2266CZE 80w1 26b1 2w½ 11b½ 19w½ 23b½ 22w½ 9b½ 27w½5,548,528,75
18FMKuba Stanislav2224CZE 86b1 58w1 4b1 12w½ 3w½ 2b0 20w1 16b½ 13w05,548,527,00
19FMBartoš Jan2215CZE 59b1 44w1 12b½ 10w½ 17b½ 16w½ 11b½ 34w½ 25b½5,548,028,25
20Vedral Oldřich2309CZE 41b1 28w0 71b+ 23w½ 34b1 5w½ 18b0 52b1 24w½5,546,527,50
21Böhnisch Manfred2309GER 57w1 33b½ 28b½ 67w1 9b½ 8w½ 5b0 23w½ 41b15,546,526,25
22Schmalz Michal2004CZE 16b0 63w1 37b1 54w1 25b0 28w1 17b½ 39w1 2b05,546,025,75
23Turner Radek2106CZE 85w1 3b0 68w1 20b½ 13w1 17w½ 16b0 21b½ 72w+5,545,525,50
24Pokrupa Marek2227CZE 79b1 71w½ 40b½ 50w1 12b0 30w1 8b0 49w1 20b½5,544,524,75
25Voříšek Jaroslav2244CZE 90w½ 91b1 47w1 2b½ 22w1 3b0 45w1 5b0 19w½5,544,023,75
26Ondreját Miroslav2048CZE 93b1 17w0 44b½ 83w½ 77b1 39w½ 35b1 11w0 54b15,538,521,00
27Korsa Jindřich2145CZE 44b0 59w0 63b0 85w1 78b1 84w1 58b1 74w1 17b½5,535,019,75
28Klecker Tadeáš2185CZE 64w1 20b1 21w½ 1b0 4w½ 22b0 68w1 45b1 10w05,047,523,00
29Kadeřábek Jiří2205CZE 83b½ 61w½ 36b1 69w1 10b0 50w1 4b0 30w1 12b05,044,022,00
30Hlaváč Rudolf2064CZE 46w½ 87b½ 48w1 13b½ 15w1 24b0 31w½ 29b0 56w15,043,523,75
31Chmel Kristián2040CZE 74b1 39w0 70b1 34w½ 35b1 7w0 30b½ 54w½ 37b½5,043,522,75
32Trmal Jaroslav2195CZE 77b1 4w0 61b1 60w½ 16b0 58w½ 50b1 41w½ 35b½5,041,520,75
33Chaluš Karel2118CZE 75b1 21w½ 16b0 76w1 7b0 83w1 9b- 56b½ 69w15,041,519,25
34Boleslav Petr2127CZE 48w0 81b1 80w1 31b½ 20w0 61b1 64w1 19b½ 15w05,041,020,25
35Ďúran Tomáš2205CZE 84w1 11b0 73w1 40b½ 31w0 60b1 26w0 57b1 32w½5,041,019,75
36Šmejc Jiří1994CZE 1w0 65b1 29w0 87b1 46w1 13b0 52w0 85w1 67b15,040,017,50
37Moravec Vít2148CZE 43w½ 89b½ 22w0 48b1 57w1 45b0 56w½ 53b1 31w½5,038,521,00
38Richter Martin2024CZE 4b0 77w½ 84b0 75w1 43b0 91w1 63b½ 83w1 74b15,035,017,25
39FMLacina Adolf2227CZE 68w1 31b1 3w0 42b1 2w0 26b½ 57w1 22b0 9w04,547,020,25
40Vevera Radek2043CZE 96w1 15b½ 24w½ 35w½ 8b0 89b1 42w½ 13b0 46w½4,544,519,25
41Novotný Jaroslav2015CZE 20w0 64b½ 88w1 7w0 91b1 43b1 15w½ 32b½ 21w04,542,017,50
42Forman Miroslav2068CZE 82b1 13b0 43w1 39w0 58b½ 44w1 40b½ 15b0 45w½4,541,518,75
43Krásný Drahomír1897CZE 37b½ 67w½ 42b0 66b½ 38w1 41w0 71b1 51w½ 49b½4,541,021,00
44Hacaperka Michal1892CZE 27w1 19b0 26w½ 57b0 73w1 42b0 62w½ 76w1 50b½4,541,020,00
45Mareš Václav1987CZE 15w0 96b+ 54b0 94w1 67b1 37w1 25b0 28w0 42b½4,540,517,25
46Šourek Martin1790CZE 30b½ 50w½ 51b0 79w1 36b0 71w1 69b½ 67w½ 40b½4,540,019,50
47Michalčák Lubomír2090CZE 63b1 16w½ 25b0 58w½ 84b1 4w0 74b0 59w½ 79b14,540,017,25
48Paukert Jindřich1888CZE 34b1 5w0 30b0 37w0 93b1 79w1 54b0 60w1 51b½4,540,016,75
49Čmiko Jakub2060CZE 78b1 10w0 83b½ 77w½ 70b½ 65w1 13w½ 24b0 43w½4,539,517,50
50Matějovský Ondřej2030CZE 81w½ 46b½ 91w1 24b0 68w1 29b0 32w0 64b1 44w½4,538,516,75
51Málek Martin2025CZE 11w0 84b½ 46w1 14b0 56w0 80b1 89w1 43b½ 48w½4,538,516,50
52Odehnal Jaroslav2112CZE 94b½ 70w½ 58b½ 84w½ 59b1 11w0 36b1 20w0 55b½4,537,517,75
53Jakl Aleš1995CZE 10b0 78w½ 77b0 82w1 63b½ 55w½ 70b1 37w0 81b14,537,517,00
54Stluka František2115CZE 91w0 92b1 45w1 22b0 61w½ 56b½ 48w1 31b½ 26w04,537,017,00
55Mühlbauer Hans Reiner1909GER 66w0 73b0 85w1 80b½ 62w½ 53b½ 88w1 72b½ 52w½4,534,516,00
56Skopec Luboš1958CZE 6b½ 7w0 78b½ 65w½ 51b1 54w½ 37b½ 33w½ 30b04,044,518,75
57Macek Kamil2012CZE 21b0 75w1 8b½ 44w1 37b0 70w1 39b0 35w0 64w½4,043,017,75
58Pokora Lubomír1933CZE 72w1 18b0 52w½ 47b½ 42w½ 32b½ 27w0 62b½ 66w½4,042,017,75
59Šterba Karel1938CZE 19w0 27b1 66w1 15b0 52w0 72b0 87w1 47b½ 62w½4,041,516,75
60Švejdar Luděk2001CZE 13w0 82b1 72w1 32b½ 14w0 35w0 65b½ 48b0 88w14,041,015,25
61Lhotka Jirí1968CZE 14w½ 29b½ 32w0 81b1 54b½ 34w0 76b½ 63w½ 65b½4,040,016,75
62Drahorád Daniel2035CZE 70b½ 94w1 6b0 8w0 55b½ 63w½ 44b½ 58w½ 59b½4,040,014,50
63Toman Ondřej1834CZE 47w0 22b0 27w1 90b½ 53w½ 62b½ 38w½ 61b½ 68w½4,039,517,50
64Havelka Petr1915CZE 28b0 41w½ 86b½ 72b½ 66w1 69w1 34b0 50w0 57b½4,038,015,75
65Pýcha Patrik1770CZE 9b0 36w0 -1 56b½ 80w1 49b0 60w½ 68b½ 61w½4,038,015,00
66Pirklová Hana2151CZE 55b1 12w0 59b0 43w½ 64b0 73w1 83b½ 79w½ 58b½4,037,516,00
67Pospíšil Jirí2069CZE 87w½ 43b½ 89w1 21b0 45w0 77b1 72w½ 46b½ 36w04,037,014,25
68Novák Jaromír1962CZE 39b0 74w1 23b0 78w1 50b0 94w1 28b0 65w½ 63b½4,036,013,25
69Gschwendtner Stanislav2023CZE 2w0 95b1 87w1 29b0 89w½ 64b0 46w½ 77b1 33b04,036,011,50
70Buchl Marek1747CZE 62w½ 52b½ 31w0 92b1 49w½ 57b0 53w0 73b½ 90w14,035,013,00
71Němec David2037CZE 88w1 24b½ 20w- -0 90w½ 46b0 43w0 94b1 83w14,035,012,00
72Herejk Petr2206CZE 58b0 86w1 60b0 64w½ 83b½ 59w1 67b½ 55w½ 23b-4,034,514,25
73Rut Vojtěch2015CZE 12b0 55w1 35b0 91w½ 44b0 66b0 95w1 70w½ 85b14,034,511,75
74Kejzlar Luboš1859CZE 31w0 68b0 95w1 89b0 92w1 90b1 47w1 27b0 38w04,032,510,50
75Kántor Jozef1887SVK 33w0 57b0 82w½ 38b0 86b½ 78w0 92b1 93w1 84b14,031,010,00
76Daněk Václav2009CZE 3w0 85b1 14w½ 33b0 88w1 15b0 61w½ 44b0 77w½3,541,512,25
77Lexa Václav1917CZE 32w0 38b½ 53w1 49b½ 26w0 67w0 78b1 69w0 76b½3,539,514,50
78Filip Vojtěch1784CZE 49w0 53b½ 56w½ 68b0 27w0 75b1 77w0 91b1 80w½3,536,012,50
79Kovář Petr1958CZE 24w0 88b½ 81w½ 46b0 87w1 48b0 94w1 66b½ 47w03,534,510,25
80Čečil Pavel1990CZE 17b0 93w1 34b0 55w½ 65b0 51w0 91b½ 87w1 78b½3,534,010,25
81Ružička Ondřej1742CZE 50b½ 34w0 79b½ 61w0 94b0 86w1 84b½ 89b1 53w03,531,510,50
82Švanda Radek1814CZE 42w0 60w0 75b½ 53b0 95w½ 85b0 86w1 90b½ 89w13,528,59,00
83Tvrdý Jindřich1920CZE 29w½ 14b½ 49w½ 26b½ 72w½ 33b0 66w½ 38b0 71b03,045,014,75
84Chlad Lukáš1924CZE 35b0 51w½ 38w1 52b½ 47w0 27b0 81w½ 88b½ 75w03,039,512,75
85Šimácek Václav1834CZE 23b0 76w0 55b0 27b0 -1 82w1 90w1 36b0 73w03,036,08,50
86Veselý Roman1953CZE 18w0 72b0 64w½ 88b0 75w½ 81b0 82b0 -1 94w13,032,58,50
87Šoltys Roman1825CZE 67b½ 30w½ 69b0 36w0 79b0 93w1 59b0 80b0 95w13,032,58,00
88Vitouš Václav1780CZE 71b0 79w½ 41b0 86w1 76b0 92w1 55b0 84w½ 60b03,032,57,75
89Rozšafný Michal1943CZE 7b½ 37w½ 67b0 74w1 69b½ 40w0 51b0 81w0 82b02,539,511,75
90Šíbl Václav1975CZE 25b½ 6w0 94b½ 63w½ 71b½ 74w0 85b0 82w½ 70b02,537,010,00
91Rezáč Jindřich1862CZE 54b1 25w0 50b0 73b½ 41w0 38b0 80w½ 78w0 93b½2,537,09,25
92Knischka Walter1936GER 5b0 54w0 93b1 70w0 74b0 88b0 75w0 95b½ -12,531,54,75
93Švec Ludek1708CZE 26w0 80b0 92w0 95b1 48w0 87b0 -1 75b0 91w½2,528,54,75
94Hájek Jiří1847CZE 52w½ 62b0 90w½ 45b0 81w1 68b0 79b0 71w0 86b02,033,57,00
95Cyroň Karel1919CZE 8b0 69w0 74b0 93w0 82b½ -1 73b0 92w½ 87b02,030,54,25
96Vilímec Miroslav2069CZE 40b0 45w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,036,50,00

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable