Aeroflot Open 2020 A

Last update 27.02.2020 20:18:47, Creator/Last Upload: st.petersburg chess federation

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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds, Starting rank crosstable
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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2 
1IMSuleymanli Aydin2474AZE 50w1 9b½ 15w½ 16b½ 48w½ 47b1 23w1 36b1 3b½6,552622
2GMJumabayev Rinat2646KAZ 32b0 72b½ 64w1 77w1 52b1 5w½ 58b1 9w½ 24b16,552557
3GMMamedov Rauf2643AZE 66w1 45b1 52w1 17b½ 11w1 8b½ 12w½ 7b½ 1w½6,542578
4GMAravindh Chithambaram Vr.2630IND 76w0 66b1 42w1 31b½ 45w1 13b½ 11w1 8b½ 12w16,542558
5GMAleksandrov Aleksej2592BLR 46w½ 90b1 47w½ 92b1 7w½ 2b½ 36b½ 19w½ 33b16,052612
6GMAsadli Vugar2538AZE 22b0 95w1 21b0 81w1 91b1 27w½ 37b½ 59w1 38b16,052595
7GMAdhiban B.2654IND 56b1 32w½ 74b½ 91w1 5b½ 58w½ 25b1 3w½ 9b½6,052582
8GMPetrosyan Manuel2590ARM 71w½ 46b1 92w½ 47b1 17w1 3w½ 9b½ 4w½ 10b½6,042598
9GMYilmaz Mustafa2607TUR 55b1 1w½ 51b½ 32w1 10b½ 21w1 8w½ 2b½ 7w½6,042574
10GMParavyan David2629RUS 67w½ 30b1 49w1 13b½ 9w½ 11b½ 31w1 12b½ 8w½6,042569
11IMBharath Subramaniyam H2402IND 14b1 59w½ 20b1 38w1 3b0 10w½ 4b0 21w½ 61b15,552626
12GMSjugirov Sanan2674RUS 77b½ 75w1 91b½ 87w½ 74b1 37w1 3b½ 10w½ 4b05,552605
13GMIdani Pouya2577IRI 85b½ 86w1 22b1 10w½ 35b½ 4w½ 33b½ 38w½ 27b½5,552604
14GMAntipov Mikhail Al.2562RUS 11w0 96b½ 44w1 72b1 15w1 63b½ 38b½ 27w½ 35b½5,552546
15GMPraggnanandhaa R2602IND 81b½ 80w1 1b½ 35w½ 14b0 56w½ 32b½ 39w1 51b15,552510
16GMKobalia Mikhail2609RUS 64b½ 81w1 32b½ 1w½ 25b½ 34w½ 51b½ 18w½ 53b15,552485
17GMSethuraman S.P.2641IND 18b1 54w1 38b½ 3w½ 8b0 24w½ 59b½ 58w1 26w½5,542588
18IMSadhwani Raunak2522IND 17w0 63b0 97w1 95b1 50w0 84b1 87w1 16b½ 47w15,542572
19GMRakhmanov Aleksandr2645RUS 42w½ 40b½ 28w½ 30b1 31w½ 76b½ 68w1 5b½ 23w½5,542563
20GMSargissian Gabriel2689ARM 75b½ 77w½ 11w0 69b1 79w1 68b½ 41w½ 31b½ 52w15,542561
21GMRiazantsev Alexander2639RUS 30w½ 42b½ 6w1 68b1 23w½ 9b0 40w½ 11b½ 41w15,542560
22GMKovalev Vladislav2650BLR 6w1 49b½ 13w0 28b½ 42w½ 45b½ 76w1 41b½ 40w15,542556
23GMSmirin Ilia2615ISR 70w½ 69b1 51w1 21b½ 33w½ 1b0 56w1 19b½5,542551
GMShimanov Aleksandr2587RUS 62w½ 71b½ 82w½ 53b1 63w½ 17b½ 29w1 50b1 2w05,542551
25GMErigaisi Arjun2563IND 43w0 97b1 72w½ 82b1 16w½ 48b1 7w0 47b½ 50w15,542548
26GMSvane Rasmus2608GER 82w½ 93b1 76w½ 62b½ 39w½ 41b½ 63w1 33w½ 17b½5,542543
27GMDeac Bogdan-Daniel2626ROU 39w½ 67b1 41w½ 76b½ 40w½ 6b½ 43w1 14b½ 13w½5,542536
28GMKunin Vitaly2550GER 33b0 60w1 19b½ 22w½ 36b0 55w½ 85b1 71w1 37b½5,052555
29GMShtembuliak Evgeny2628UKR 51b0 73w1 57b½ 34w½ 56b½ 77w1 24b0 54w½ 69b15,052520
30GMIljiushenok Ilia2519RUS 21b½ 10w0 80b1 19w0 71b½ 85w½ 86b½ 72w1 74b15,052509
31GMVaibhav Suri2591IND 89b½ 85w1 33b½ 4w½ 19b½ 35w1 10b0 20w½ 36w½5,042622
32GMSindarov Javokhir2537UZB 2w1 7b½ 16w½ 9b0 47w0 82b1 15w½ 44b½ 63w15,042599
33GMSarana Alexey2656RUS 28w1 68b½ 31w½ 45b½ 87w1 23b½ 13w½ 26b½ 5w05,042590
IMMurzin Volodar2442RUS 91w0 79b½ 65w1 29b½ 94w1 16b½ 50w0 49b½ 77w15,042590
35GMArtemiev Vladislav2728RUS 79w1 91b½ 68w½ 15b½ 13w½ 31b0 45w1 52b½ 14w½5,042584
36GMMaghsoodloo Parham2674IRI 65w1 52b0 40w½ 79b½ 28w1 49b1 5w½ 1w0 31b½5,042571
37GMZvjaginsev Vadim2623RUS 97w1 76b½ 39w½ 41b½ 62w1 12b0 6w½ 40b½ 28w½5,042529
38GMZhou Jianchao2622CHN 96w1 43b1 17w½ 11b0 41w½ 39b1 14w½ 13b½ 6w05,042517
39IMZanan Evgeny2500ISR 27b½ 61w1 37b½ 59w½ 26b½ 38w0 74b½ 15b0 78w14,552610
40GMAryan Chopra2562IND 88b½ 19w½ 36b½ 86w1 27b½ 59w½ 21b½ 37w½ 22b04,552598
41GMSychev Klementy2563RUS 86b½ 88w1 27b½ 37w½ 38b½ 26w½ 20b½ 22w½ 21b04,552596
42GMMoroni Luca Jr2536ITA 19b½ 21w½ 4b0 88w1 22b½ 87b½ 47w0 86w1 59b½4,552592
43IMBadelka Olga2404BLR 25b1 38w0 61b½ 58w0 57b1 91w1 27b0 74w½ 56b½4,552587
44IMKrishna C R G2443IND 87b½ 74w0 14b0 97w1 75b1 52w½ 61b½ 32w½ 58b½4,552574
45GMSanal Vahap2569TUR 95b1 3w0 89b1 33w½ 4b0 22w½ 35b0 73w1 55b½4,552564
46IMZarubitski Viachaslau2432BLR 5b½ 8w0 56b½ 75w½ 54b½ 69w½ 57b½ 77b½ 79w14,552550
47GMDurarbayli Vasif2625AZE 73b1 51w½ 5b½ 8w0 32b1 1w0 42b1 25w½ 18b04,552533
48GMMartirosyan Haik M.2630ARM 69b½ 57w½ 70b1 52w½ 1b½ 25w0 65b½ 51w½ 54b½4,552522
49GMWagner Dennis2590GER 60b1 22w½ 10b0 85w½ 84b1 36w0 71b½ 34w½ 57b½4,552504
50GMIndjic Aleksandar2622SRB 1b0 55w½ 81b½ 73w1 18b1 51w½ 34b1 24w0 25b04,552494
51Nesterov Arseniy2501RUS 29w1 47b½ 9w½ 23b0 92w1 50b½ 16w½ 48b½ 15w04,542618
52GMSargsyan Shant2594ARM 53w1 36w1 3b0 48b½ 2w0 44b½ 62w1 35w½ 20b04,542595
53FMKardashevskiy Evgeny2437RUS 52b0 -1 94w½ 24w0 77b0 93b1 79w1 65b1 16w04,542574
54GMSengupta Deep2534IND 63w1 17b0 83w0 71b½ 46w½ 80b½ 64w1 29b½ 48w½4,542553
55IMGadimbayli Abdulla2460AZE 9w0 50b½ 79w0 67b½ 95w1 28b½ 82w1 68b½ 45w½4,542549
56GMGrigoriants Sergey2539RUS 7w0 78b½ 46w½ 90b1 29w½ 15b½ 83w1 23b0 43w½4,542545
57GMStupak Kirill2518BLR 83w½ 48b½ 29w½ 63b0 43w0 90b1 46w½ 62b1 49w½4,542540
58GMSavchenko Boris2573RUS 72w½ 62b0 78w1 43b1 83w1 7b½ 2w0 17b0 44w½4,542523
59GMKarthikeyan Murali2602IND 78w1 11b½ 62w½ 39b½ 76w½ 40b½ 17w½ 6b0 42w½4,542505
60IMShubin Kirill2427RUS 49w0 28b0 73b0 -1 93w½ 64b0 90w1 80b1 76w14,542488
61GMChigaev Maksim2616RUS 93w½ 39b0 43w½ 70b½ 82w½ 73b1 44w½ 76b1 11w04,542462
62FMPranesh M2425IND 24b½ 58w1 59b½ 26w½ 37b0 74w½ 52b0 57w0 90b14,052583
63GMAbdusattorov Nodirbek2644UZB 54b0 18w1 77b½ 57w1 24b½ 14w½ 26b0 69w½ 32b04,052545
64IMKozionov Kirill2466RUS 16w½ 92b0 2b0 66w½ 88b½ 60w1 54b0 85w1 75b½4,052527
65GMFrolyanov Dmitry2556RUS 36b0 84w½ 34b0 89w1 78b1 83b½ 48w½ 53w0 70b½4,052502
66IMKozak Adam2523HUN 3b0 4w0 88b½ 64b½ 90w½ 86w½ 89b1 70w½ 71b½4,052467
67IMLobanov Sergei2507RUS 10b½ 27w0 84b0 55w½ 89b1 71w0 72b0 88w1 86b14,052456
68GMCordova Emilio2593PER 84b1 33w½ 35b½ 21w0 85b1 20w½ 19b0 55w½ -04,042588
69GMKulaots Kaido2510EST 48w½ 83b½ 23w0 20w0 81b1 46b½ 80w1 63b½ 29w04,042578
70IMRaja Harshit2472IND 92w½ 23b½ 48w0 61w½ 86b½ 79b½ 77w½ 66b½ 65w½4,042577
71IMAditya Mittal2427IND 8b½ 24w½ 87b0 54w½ 30w½ 67b1 49w½ 28b0 66w½4,042556
72IMMakarian Rudik2414RUS 58b½ 2w½ 25b½ 14w0 73b0 75w½ 67w1 30b0 82w+4,042547
73GMKarthik Venkataraman2483IND 47w0 29b0 60w1 50b0 72w1 61w0 88b1 45b0 81w14,042533
74GMPuranik Abhimanyu2597IND 90w½ 44b1 7w½ 83b½ 12w0 62b½ 39w½ 43b½ 30w04,042517
75GMSivuk Vitaly2557UKR 20w½ 12b0 90w½ 46b½ 44w0 72b½ 81w1 78b½ 64w½4,042481
76GMVisakh N R2518IND 4b1 37w½ 26b½ 27w½ 59b½ 19w½ 22b0 61w0 60b03,552621
77GMChanda Sandipan2552IND 12w½ 20b½ 63w½ 2b0 53w1 29b0 70b½ 46w½ 34b03,552563
78IMRadovanovic Mihajlo2458SRB 59b0 56w½ 58b0 96b1 65w0 88w½ 91b1 75w½ 39b03,552543
79IMIvic Velimir2558SRB 35b0 34w½ 55b1 36w½ 20b0 70w½ 53b0 84w1 46b03,552516
80IMSreeshwan Maralakshikari2440IND 94w½ 15b0 30w0 93b½ 97b1 54w½ 69b0 60w0 84b½3,052506
81IMPogosyan Stefan2455RUS 15w½ 16b0 50w½ 6b0 69w0 -1 75b0 91w1 73b03,042569
82IMGokerkan Cem Kaan2461TUR 26b½ 87w½ 24b½ 25w0 61b½ 32w0 55b0 89w1 72b-3,042559
83GMNarayanan.S.L2637IND 57b½ 69w½ 54b1 74w½ 58b0 65w½ 56b0 -0 -03,042544
84IMVignesh N R2436IND 68w0 65b½ 67w1 94b½ 49w0 18w0 93b½ 79b0 80w½3,042542
85IMMendonca Leon Luke2418IND 13w½ 31b0 96w1 49b½ 68w0 30b½ 28w0 64b0 89w½3,042538
86IMBuksa Nataliya2403UKR 41w½ 13b0 93w1 40b0 70w½ 66b½ 30w½ 42b0 67w03,042526
87GMBasso Pier Luigi2600ITA 44w½ 82b½ 71w1 12b½ 33b0 42w½ 18b0 -0 -03,042524
88WGMSoumya Swaminathan2369IND 40w½ 41b0 66w½ 42b0 64w½ 78b½ 73w0 67b0 -13,042513
89FMLazavik Denis2428BLR 31w½ 94b½ 45w0 65b0 67w0 95b1 66w0 82b0 85b½2,552518
90IMNikitenko Mihail2440BLR 74b½ 5w0 75b½ 56w0 66b½ 57w0 60b0 -1 62w02,542526
91GMCan Emre2600TUR 34b1 35w½ 12w½ 7b0 6w0 43b0 78w0 81b0 -02,042537
92GMJobava Baadur2620GEO 70b½ 64w1 8b½ 5w0 51b0 -0 -0 -0 -02,032521
93IMAbdumalik Zhansaya2471KAZ 61b½ 26w0 86b0 80w½ 60b½ 53w0 84w½ -0 -02,032470
94GMSalgado Lopez Ivan2597ESP 80b½ 89w½ 53b½ 84w½ 34b0 -0 -0 -0 -02,032438
95IMKovalevskaya Ekaterina2407RUS 45w0 6b0 -1 18w0 55b0 89w0 -0 -0 -01,022507
96IMVogel Roven2473GER 38b0 14w½ 85b0 78w0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,522510
97IMRahul Srivatshav P2474IND 37b0 25w0 18b0 44b0 80w0 -0 -0 -0 -00,032509

Tie Break1: Most black
Tie Break2: rating average of the opponents (variabel with parameters)

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