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2019 London Junior Chess Championships Under 16

Last update 30.12.2019 19:32:47, Creator/Last Upload: ljcc

Starting rank

1Chopra Tanmay25630946IND2100Harrow
2Yoon Jacob D446076ENG2037City Of London S
3AFMSaidmurodov Shahjahon448150ENG1812Newham
4Weersing Abigail460036ENG1794Essex Juniors
5Covey Jason430986ENG1770Hendon
6Volovich Julia447099ENG1753Cambridgeshire Junior
7WCMSheikh Anum436690ENG1750Chingford Chess Set
8Villagordo Espinosa Carlos24528943ESP1750Spain
9Gilmore Samuel448354ENG1738Barnet Knights
10Barlov Alex446602ENG1715Richmond Juniors
11Clarke Connor457655ENG1704Middlesex Juniors
12Rajesh Bhramav464023ENG1645Colchester Rgs
13Stoica Savas464309ENG1637Barnet Knights
14Divet Antoine458252ENG1623Wallace Chess
15Mclaurin MurdoENG1615Edinburgh University
16Headlong Georgia461253ENG1556Brown Jack
17Ball Katie476153ENG1459St Albans
18Willoughby Christopher480274ENG1423Brentwood
19Siddharth Lakshan456420ENG1386Chelmsford
20Molostvov Dmitry466751ENG1379Brentwood Prep S
21Chandar Mansa456250ENG1360Chandlers Ford
22Hamilton Melissa453285ENG1298Cosham
23Karanam Guha Saran487040ENG1270Colchester
24Di Conno Filippo458236ENG1252Richmond Juniors