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Post festum v Domnu - 36

Last update 02.12.2019 23:37:23, Creator/Last Upload: andi130

Starting rank list of players

3MKBrečevič Vladko14603144SLO2100-
4MKHajna Jurij14607751SLO2066ŠK Postojna
6IFlego Marino14618176SLO1944ŠD Piran
9ISlejko Vladimir14610388SLO1913ŠK Postojna
10IMilunovič Vlado14608278SLO1849ŠD Piran
8IIHandžič Ramiz14618184SLO1827ŠD Piran
1IIBrečevič Liam14617510SLO1672ŠD Piran
5IIIMedovič Alen14621231SLO1563ŠD Piran
7IIVidic Marjan14612364SLO1553ŠD Izola
2IVBrečevič VeldinSLO1548ŠK Val - Koper