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George Open Chess Tournament B Section

Last update 01.12.2019 12:52:24, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 77)

Starting rank

1Swart Sune2010370411381
2Venter Lian1050487511356
3Klopper Japie1610158751330
4Quirk Terence1470313191302
5Jantjies Jason1880139501349
6Meyer Jared1050911761230
7Swartbooi Gabriel1920370541227
8Phillips Shevarine1990542161216
9Adams Delbert1990782251151
10Du Plessis Arno1080729761160
11Mostert Jan-Abraham1040252291153
12Kivido Zach1090876321152
13Adams Leonard1010883591157
14Kivido Alex11100977271107
15Lewis Mark16601186161099
16Stuurman Luciano1040558031207
17Jansen Giovante103092750941
18Floors Romano186009575932
19Erasmus Wiaan104009024914
20Conradie Magda287094417919
21Baadjies Lando1050118884636
22Du Plessis Arno175082822817