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George Open Chess Tournament A Section

Last update 01.12.2019 12:52:15, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 77)

Starting rank

1PMLewis Mark1620179681898
2Lawerlot George1900172401796
3October Bjorn1900287121678
4Barnard Brendon1950013351602
5Luiters Pieter1690187691575
6Booys Leatin1890025821573
7Dyzel Pieter1990085041548
8Agulhas Justin1970003391541
9Swart George1990369801537
10Hattingh Neilre1900120411480
11Samson Henry1810330531473
12Cornforth Rodney1840055591451
13Geyser Kobus1060781341415
14Campbell Grant1030781961395
15Johnson Azriel1830607891333
16Botha Chakati1590029411337
17Fourie Corne1030097491328
18Stanley Flip1790725481280
19Grispe Ivor19001027801220
20van Dam Matthew103075050634
21Williams Elia1760429711555